Imaxel PW2P Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Imaxel PW2P Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

imaxel pW2P plugin embeds Imaxel personalisation W2P (web-to-print) to enable the creation, sale and production of personalized products such as prints, photobooks, canvas, collages, gifts, t-shirts, mugs and others directly in your site using woocommerce.

Before installing, you have to contact a subscription to imaxel pW2P. Contact imaxel at to know more about the different editors for photobooks, gifts etc. and its subscription prices.

After contracting the subscription, you will receive from imaxel your unique API keys. Input these in the plugin configuration screen and Woocommerce will launch pW2P online editor every time a consumer wants to create and buy a personalized product such us a Photobook, canvas etc.

** features**
Creates new projects in pW2P editor
Edits previous projects
Duplicate projects
Add a list of projects to re-order or re-edit
Integrates with WP accounts
Links back to Woocomerce shopping cart
Receive automatic production orders after the order is paid
Creates a section of pW2P that can be imported into Woo
Creates a list of projects for backoffice support and management

Contact imaxel at


  1. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 1

    Image selection from consumer device, facebook, Instagram or google photos

  2. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 2

    Polaroid prints editor

  3. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 3

    Photobook editor

  4. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 4

    Collage editor

  5. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 5

    Projects list in the plugin backoffie

  6. imaxel-pw2p screenshot 6

    Products list in the plugin backoffice

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