Improved Include Page Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Improved Include Page Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Improved Include Page is an expanded version of the original Include Page developed by Brent Loertscher and it was developed to add some features I needed.

Key Features

  • Page title display with optional HTML code,
  • Content display with different styles (full, teaser, custom ‘more’ link),
  • Wordpress filters applied to both the content and the title,
  • Supports Wordpress 2.5.x Shortcode API

Version Notes 0.5.0

  • Added the #more-<id> in the “read more” link href, to avoid going to the top of the post when clicking (by Matthieu Sarter),
  • Added support for the Wordpress <--more [text]--> tag, so that the more link text can be defined at the post level (it can still be overriden at the iinclude_page()/[include] level) (by Matthieu Sarter).

Version Notes 0.4.9

  • Fixed static method definitions
  • Fixed: returns false if a page is not found, without triggering a notice

Version Notes 0.4.8

  • Fixed bug which broke the ID style inclusion on WP 3.0 (thanks to Mike
    Woods, Brad Lauster and wptk)
  • Fixed a bug on the ‘more’ link which caused too many slashes when using
    images as ‘more tags’ (thanks to Nikhil Dabas)
    Note: if you use HTML code in the ‘more’ link use single quotes for the
    ‘more’ parameter, like this:
    [include-page id="mypage" more='<img src="my/image.gif" />']
    or you will have a PHP Warning
  • Fixed a bug in the displayTitle attribute: using “false” you will get a
    real boolean false and title is hidden
  • Added a new wp action ‘include-page’ to use inside your PHP code
    <?php do_action('include-page', $id, $params, $return)?>
  • Edited class attrimute for the ‘more’ link. Now it is ‘more-link’ and

Version Notes 0.4.7

  • On WP 2.5 or greater allows custom inclusion by post type and status using
    parameters ‘allowType’ and ‘allowStatus’.
  • Bug fix: in shortcode fixed a bug that could crash PHP when including
    recursive page/posts

Version Notes (0.4.6)

  • Bug fixed: since this version you can include only static pages with
    status of ‘published’.

Version Notes (0.4.5)

  • Page ID can be a valid page path (WP 2.1 or higher required) with
    contribution by Guy Leech.

Version notes (0.4.4)

  • Added parameter $return (default = false) to iinclude_page() function
  • Added support for WP 2.5.x shortcode API

Version notes (0.4.3)

The code of this version it’s been cleaned and optimized using WordPress API.

Version notes (0.4.2)

This version fixes a bug that triggers an error when used with some content filter: the $page global variable is backed up and then restored before returning.

Version notes (0.4.1)

This version contains a bug fix by Jesse Plank: resolves a compatibility problem with the plugin EventCalendar.


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