Inflo.Ai Plugin for Wordpress - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Inflo.Ai Plugin for Wordpress - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

inflo.Ai’s all-in-one tool helps you create and post original, optimised blog content. We help boost your website’s search ranking and generate revenue through organic content.

Our new WordPress integration and calendar feature allows you to automatically schedule your blog posts within the tool. Once you’ve synced your inflo.Ai and WordPress account, it’s super-simple to view and tweak your content calendar. Get the peace of mind that you’re ahead of the game and executing on your blogging strategy effectively. The latest feature to hit your inflo.Ai account has a number of benefits:

  • You will always keep your blog active by automatically scheduling posts in advance
  • One simple view across the whole team means planning is much easier
  • Simplify your content workflow by pulling key information from your WordPress to add to your posts including categories, tags and authors
  • Hook up inflo.Ai to all of your WordPress sites and manage your content from one centralised hub
  • Instantly update posts already posted to your site from your inflo.Ai account

This plugin integrates with inflo.Ai and having an inflo.Ai account is required to enable full functionality.

This plugin communicates with inflo.Ai in the following cases:

  • When securely connecting the plugin with the inflo.Ai service
  • Provides inflo.Ai with a copy of your WordPress taxonomy to enable publishing of content from inflo.Ai
  • Receives published posts from inflo.Ai when instructed to by the user.
  • Links your WordPress content to the original posts in the inflo.Ai service which you used to publish

This plugin does not send any private information stored within WordPress to inflo.Ai

Please visit this page to read more about inflo.Ai’s privacy policy.


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