JQuery & Plugins Asynchronous Loader - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

JQuery & Plugins Asynchronous Loader Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Loading of JavaScript resources should be done asynchronously, in a non-blocking manner, so the load time of your webpage will not be affected (it would not be delayed by render-blocking JavaScript). But using of deferring or async loading of jQuery causes lots of problems with jQuery plugins. This plugin replaces default Wordpress’s JS loader with a special jQuery loader (jQl), that’s why there are no any errors with jQuery plugins.

It’s highly recommended to use any concatenate plugin, e.g., Fast Velocity Minify or WP Fastest Cache. Please, do not add jQuery to the ignore list, because this plugin fixes “undefined jQuery” errors on the console log. Also, it is allowed to use defer or async parsing of JS files.

It requires Wordpress 4.1 and newer.

It is available in English and Russian.


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    jQuery & Plugins Async Loader Settings page

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