JS Vehicle Manager Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

JS Vehicle Manager Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Vehicle Manager is a car dealership plugin that is easy to use. Vehicle Manager provides all the functionalities whether you want to build a small car dealer or a large car dealership. Vehicle Manager is highly customizable it has a powerful interface for admin using which he can fully control all the functionalities and features of Vehicle Manager.
No need to setup anything, just click and install it.
It comes with 190+ configurations and 18 shortcode with full power.
JS Vehicle Manager also have its own login/register pages.

JS Vehicle Manager Demo

JS Vehicle Manager Documentation

Major Features

Responsive layout (desktop, tab and mobile ready)
* Build in search
* Refine search popup on listing
* User Management
* Login as social media (Facebook, Linkdin and Xing)
* Credit system
* Payment methods [paypal, woocomerce]
* Email templates
* Custom Fields
* Compare upto 3 vehicles
* Multi-language support
* Activity log of all main actions
* Admin changeable colors
* Vehicle alert
* Reports
* Export
* Search Engine Friendly URLs
* Unlimited vehicle type, make, model, model years, cylinder, fuel type, transmission, condition, speedometer type, currencies and Ad Expiry
* Admin can easily manage vehicle type, make, model, model years, cylinder, fuel type, transmission, condition, speedometer type, currencies and Ad Expiry
* Contact to seller
* Share vehicle on all prominent social networks
* Unlimited vehicles
* Admin permission need to approve vehicles [admin configurable].
* Admin permission need to approve featured [vehicles].
* JS Vehicle Manager own user registration page
* JS Vehicle Manager own user login page
* Featured Vehicles
* Radius search on GeoCoordinates
* Vehicle export to pdf
* Vehicle print
* Comprehensive vehicles form 40+ fields for vehicles
* Admin can enable/disable any field
* Admin can change fields ordering by clicks
* JS Vehicle Manager have 18 short code
* System errors
* Credit log
* Purchase history
* Auto add marker on Google map when city selected
* Make an offer
* Schedule a test drive
* Tell a friend
* Configurable search fields
* Broacher
* Multiple vehicle images [admin configurable]
* Light Box
* Recaptcha to avoid spam
* Seller list
* Seller by city
* Shortlist vehicle for user and visitor
* Address management
* Number of widgets for admin (4)

Responsive Layout

JS Vehicle Manager is practically essential after all: one (Same) design for the Android (android is an OS while rest of these are devices), iPhone, iPad, netbook.

Build-in Search

To find a right vehicle is not an easy task. JS Vehicle Manager have built-in vehicle search feature for user and visitors. JS Vehicle Manager offer multiple criteria to search desire vehicle.

Unlimited Vehicles

No limit on vehicles at both side front-end and admin. They can create unlimited vehicles. System will have no any kind of restrictions.

Activity Log

Activity log is a record of every action of JS Vehicle Manager by admin, user or visitor. Whenever any user or admin performs any action, the activity log is updated with the user name and a basic description of action. Admin can keep a track of every change in the system.

User Management

JS Vehicle Manager gives total control over users and their vehicles to admin. Admin can edit or delete any user.

Fields Management

JS Vehicle Manager have very powerful feature. Admin can change field order of form vehicle according to his wish, just by click up or down arrow. Admin can also unpublished unwanted fields.

Configurations 190+

JS Vehicle Manager highly configurable, it offer 190+ configurations for admin. Admin can change lot of enable/disable features just by click.

Social Login

JS Vehicle Manager provides option of social login to users who do not want to sign up. JS Vehicle Manager supports Facebook LinkedIn and Xing for social login.

Custom Fields

JS Vehicle Manager provides option create custom fields to the admin. Admin has total control over custom fields, the field types that are supported are (text, combo box, radio button, check box, date picker, email, upload field, text area and dependent field.)

Unlimited Entries

Unlimited entries of vehicle type, make, model, model years, cylinder, fuel type, transmission, condition, speedometer type, currencies and Ad Expiry
– Admin can easily manage vehicle type, make, model, model years, cylinder, fuel type, transmission, condition, speedometer type, currencies and Ad Expiry


JS Vehicle Manager have 18 shortcodes.

Admin Changeable Colors

Admin can easily change JS Vehicle Manager color using color interface. Tool give live preview of changes. There are also 8 presets any of which can be selected.

Vehicle Alert

User and visitor can subscribe vehicle alert with certain criteria to get alerts in email for new vehicles that fulfill his specified criteria.


User and visitor can compare different vehicles so that they can choose the most suited for them.

Vehicle Images

User and visitor can multiple images with their vehicles to give a better idea about their vehicles.

Contact to seller

User and visitor can contact seller and ask any further questions that they have about the vehicle.

Credit System

Admin create package for users with cost and credits. Users buy credit packs defined by admin using PayPal or Woocommrece.

Credit Log

Credit log is a record of all the actions that require credits to perform. Users can view their credits log to see where they spent their credits.


Reports are very essentials for admin to know, what going on his system. JS Vehicle Manager very detailed reports.


Admin can user export interface to specify criteria for export, all the vehicles of that criteria will be exported in excel format.

Email Templates

JS Vehicle Manager Send lot of email notification to users and admin. You can easily change email templates using html editor. You can also add addition information with email alert.

Address Management

Admin can easily add/edit/delete any country, state and city from admin countries interface.

Featured Vehicles

JS Vehicle Manager give you the vehicle listing along with the special Featured vehicles listing. Featured vehicles are not just listing in different layout it can also be listed in newest vehicles controllable by admin.

Search Engine Friendly URLs

JS Vehicle Manager support WordPress SEF. JS Vehicle Manager also offer SEO options for vehicles.

Make an Offer

Interested users can use interface provided to make an offer, owner of vehicle will be notified by email about the offer made.

Schedule A Test Drive

Users can use interface provided to schedule a test drive to get a better idea about the vehicles. Owner of vehicle will be notified by email about the details of Test Drive.

Tell a Friend

Users/Visitors can send email to any of their friends with a link to the vehicle using JS Vehicle Manager.

Shortlist Vehicle

Users/Visitors can shortlist vehicle to view in future.

Share Vehicle

Users/Visitors can share vehicle on their social media accounts from vehicle detail.

Google Recpatcha

JS Vehicle Manager support google recaptcha to avoid spams.

Geo Coordinates

JS Vehicle Manager supports geo coordinates for vehicle location and user location to give a better idea of actual position of vehicle.


Support JS Vehicle Manager support RTL layout. JS Vehicle Manager also auto adjust to RTL or LTR without any problem.


JS Vehicle Manager have 4 widgets for admin.

Multi-Language Support

JS Vehicle Manager is multi-language. You can download latest translations


  1. <p>Admin Dashboard</p>

    Admin Dashboard

  2. <p>Vehicles by Make</p>

    Vehicles by Make

  3. <p>Compare</p>


  4. <p>Add Vehicle</p>

    Add Vehicle

  5. <p>Themes</p>


  6. <p>Configurations</p>


  7. <p>Fields Management</p>

    Fields Management

  8. <p>Email Templates</p>

    Email Templates

  9. <p>User Control Panel</p>

    User Control Panel

  10. <p>Vehicles List</p>

    Vehicles List

  11. <p>Vehicle Detail</p>

    Vehicle Detail

  12. <p>Admin Vehicles List</p>

    Admin Vehicles List

  13. <p>Seller List</p>

    Seller List

  14. <p>Seller Detail</p>

    Seller Detail

  15. <p>Overall Report</p>

    Overall Report

  16. <p>Vehicles by Type</p>

    Vehicles by Type

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