JS Widgets Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

JS Widgets Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Also could be known as Widget Customizer 2.0, Widgets 3.0, or Widgets Next Generation.

This plugin implements:

Plugin Dependencies:


  • Widget instance settings in the Customizer are exported from PHP as regular JSON without any PHP-serialized base64-encoded encoded_serialized_instance.
  • Customizer settings can be directly mutated via JavaScript instead of needing to do an update-widget Admin Ajax roundtrip; this greatly speeds up previewing.
  • Widget have a technology-agnostic JS API for building their forms, allowing Backbone, React, or any other frontend technology to be used for managing the form.
  • Compatible with widgets stored in a custom post type instead of options, via the Widget Posts module in the Customize Widgets Plus plugin.
  • Compatible with Customize Snapshots, allowing changes made in the Customizer to be applied to requests for widgets via the REST API.
  • Compatible with Customize Setting Validation.
  • Includes (eventually) re-implementation of all core widgets using the new WP_JS_Widget API.


  • Widgets that extend WP_JS_Widget will not be editable from widgets admin page. A link to edit the widget in the Customizer will be displayed instead.
  • Only widgets that extend WP_JS_Widget will be exposed via the REST API. The plugin includes a WP_JS_Widget proxy class which demonstrates how to adapt existing WP_Widget classes for the new widget functionality.


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