LeadGeneration Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

LeadGeneration Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The plugin ‘LeadGeneration’ has a completely different philosophy. It gives you a complete set of the most feature-rich tools on the market. So that you can create anything you need and anything you want.

LeadGeneration Drives Results. Fast.

  • Stand Out
  • Get Leads
  • Sell More

What exactly can you do with LeadGeneration?

  • Grow & Manage Leads
  • Create Lead Magnets
  • Create Popups & Flyouts


  • Popup Generation – Create any kind of popups & flyouts
  • Form Generation – Create any kind of forms. Set up lead magnets. Get leads.

Tools and features will be constantly added and expanded.

Tool Popups

Create unobtrusive and effective PopUp windows with any content for your WordPress site.Set of convenient and easy-to-use tools to create and display popup windows. The plugin creates a popups windows, adds content using the integrated editor (insert any content and shortcodes). If cookies are used – sets a one-time or permanent display, re-demonstration after a specified number of days.

  • Powerful Editor
  • Custom Style
  • Place them anywhere
  • Insert Any Content
  • Image Backgrounds (Demo)
  • Control of display on devices
  • Customize Close Button
  • The display on the specific pages
  • Closing popup on Overlay and ESC

Tool Forms

Create various forms. Set up lead magnets. Get leads.

  • Form builder – create any kind of forms by adding the fields you need: inputs, textareas, radio buttons, checklists.
  • Create email opt-ins, contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms, phone call request forms, etc.
  • Create lead magnets – with the built-in automated email sending, send emails to users with promised content after he gives you his email.
  • Saved emails in the system.
  • Email management – Manage all your emails and other form data in one single place. Choose which form you want to view the data from.


  1. Popup Style

    Popup Style

  2. Mails


  3. Popup with any content

    Popup with any content

  4. Form Style

    Form Style

  5. After sending mail

    After sending mail

  6. Close Settings

    Close Settings

  7. reCAPTCHA


  8. Popup Settings

    Popup Settings

  9. Field Style

    Field Style

  10. Button Style

    Button Style

  11. Form Builder

    Form Builder

  12. Close Button Style

    Close Button Style

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