Lightning Dashboard Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Lightning Dashboard Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Ultimate Dashboard for WooCommerce: Lightning Fast WooCommerce Store Management

Lightning Dashboard sits on top of WooCommerce to enhance and speed up the management of your store.


  • Unified Dashboard – Access all your Orders, Products and Customers in one place.
  • Search, Filter & Sort – Search, filter and sort your store data in real time with no delay or page reloads.
  • Automatic Save State – Filters, sorting, column positions/visibility and more are remembered so when you return they remain set.
  • Edit Data Directly – Make changes to common data without leaving the page. Update a price without clicking through to the product page.
  • Fast Next & Previous Page – Instantly load the next or previous page of store data with no delay or page reload.
  • Multi Select & Bulk Edits – Select multiple rows of data using the control or shift keys on your keyboard to allow you to perform bulk edits on your store data.
  • Highlight Order Rows – Easily differentiate orders at a glance with row highlight colors. Simply choose a color for each status and the order row will be highlighted in that color.
  • Works with Product Types – Works with all standard WooCommerce product types: simple, grouped, external/affiliate and variable products.
  • Add User Notices – Add a global or tab specific notice to inform your dashboard users. Want users to remember to offer a discount to phone customers? Just add a notice to remind them!
  • Developer Friendly – Various classes, functions, actions and filters are included to extend Lightning Dashboard as you see fit.
  • Customization Settings – Includes lots of great customization settings to ensure your dashboard is setup perfectly for the management of your store.
  • Custom Columns* – Add your own custom columns based off of a meta key, allows you to view meta value and use search, filter and sort on the column.
  • Exports* – Easily export all your order, product and customer data to use however you wish. Want to export specific data? Just select the rows you want to export!
  • Invoices & Packing Slips* – Generate invoices and packing slips on individual or multiple orders quickly and easily with no page reload, lots of great customization options.
  • Print* – Print your store data in easy to read sheets, no more printing one page of orders and then clicking to the next page and repeating, this does it all in one go!

*Feature requires an add-on.

Documentation & FAQs

All our documentation including knowledge base, FAQs and developer information can be found at


We try to help with support requests when possible, submit these through the support forum.


You can contribute to our plugin via our GitHub Repository.


  1. Unified Dashboard

    Unified Dashboard

  2. Developer Friendly

    Developer Friendly

  3. Customization Settings

    Customization Settings

  4. Custom Columns*

    Custom Columns*

  5. Exports*


  6. Invoices & Packing Slips*

    Invoices & Packing Slips*

  7. Print*


  8. Search, Filter & Sort

    Search, Filter & Sort

  9. Automatic Save State

    Automatic Save State

  10. Edit Data Directly

    Edit Data Directly

  11. Fast Next & Previous Page

    Fast Next & Previous Page

  12. Multi Select & Bulk Edits

    Multi Select & Bulk Edits

  13. Highlight Order Rows

    Highlight Order Rows

  14. Works with Product Types

    Works with Product Types

  15. Add User Notices

    Add User Notices

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