Like Button For Twitter By Truelike Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Like Button For Twitter By Truelike Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

How is the Like Button for Twitter better?

  • You get relevant backlinks from Truelike. Your links will be on Twitter, too, but they only give nofollow links.
  • Truelike offers a Like and a 5-star Rating button for Twitter – not even Facebook has that!
  • Your visitors’ followers will definitely see their Like on Twitter. With Facebook’s Like button, you never know
  • We group related Likes, so your site can become the authority on topics you’re expert in!
  • Get your site listed on our leaderboards for your category!
  • People like to Like stuff, not just tweet it!

What’s Truelike?

Truelike tracks everything that is popular on Twitter, but you’ll need to use the Truelike buttons to get listed! Just drop a Truelike Like or Rate button on your page, and we’ll keep track of what your visitors are liking, and we’ll group similar interests with visitors on other sites, so you not only get relevant backlinks, but your site can rise to the top of our leaderboards in categories such as Entertainment, Technology, Health & Fitness, and more. You can think of it like Digg for Twitter – the more your visitors use the button, the more traffic and SEO love you get from Truelike, so get the plugin today!


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  1. like-button-for-twitter screenshot 1

    The Like and the Rate button

  2. like-button-for-twitter screenshot 2

    The Rate button in the bottom left position on a page at

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