MegaOptim Image Optimizer Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

MegaOptim Image Optimizer Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

MegaOptim is image compression plugin/service and a freemium that is easy to use, stable and actively maintained by friendly team behind.

Image compression is playing important role in your page load speed, google’s pagespeed sccore and SEO rankings. Having correctly compressed images will give your website faster loading times, save bandwith and disk space, keep the image quality identical and boost your SEO rankings and that can be achieved with MegaOptim.

To compress your images, the plugin uses minimal resources on your hosting and all the heavy lifting is done by our API service in the cloud, meaning that no binaries will be installed on your server to resize or compress images unlike some other plugins. That being said, the plugin is compatible with many different hosting environments such as shared, vps, dedicated, wpengine, siteground etc.

The plugin supports all major image formats (JPG, PNG, GIF) and has three different compression levels (lossless, intelligent and ultra). For most of the websites intelligent is enough, it auto determines the compression of the image that works best for the human eye. The ultra mode is similar to intelligent but goes a bit further in order to save more space, If you are willing to sacrifice small bits of the image quality then this mode is the way to go. Finally, with the lossless method the service attempts to optimize the images without touching the image quality. It is not recommended method if you are looking for google pagespeed score or page load speed.

The Optimizer can be launched from the dashboard menu: MegaOptim > Optimizer. In the top right you can choose what you want to optimize: WP Media Library, NextGen Galleries, Local folders.

What makes MegaOptim a better choice than the other image compression tools?

  • supports all popular image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF
  • supports three different optimization levels (ultra, intelligent, losses)
  • supports optimization of the images automatically on upload for WordPress Media Library, NextGen, MediaPress, Envira and other gallery plugins.
  • supports large images, no file size limit.
  • supports bulk optimization modes for WordPress Media Library, Custom Folders and NextGen Galleries.
  • using custom folders feature optimize any other folder you want in your web hosting account.
  • supports WordPress multisite, you can separately setup the plugin on each site in the network.
  • supports integration with WordPress Media Screens and NextGen gallery editor screen, in both screens you will have optimize/restroe buttons and stats.
  • supports option to choose which regular thumbnails to optimize
  • supports WP Retina 2x and separate option where you can choose which retina thumbnails to be optimized
  • supports CloudFlare and integrates with CloudFlare plugins, purges(refreshes) CloudFlare image urls after optimization
  • supports backups and management for the backups, choose what you want to backup, clean up specific backup when you don’t need them, etc.
  • option to enable/disable auto convert from CMYK to RGB(A better color profile for web)
  • option to choose if you want to preserve the EXIF(location, time, camera model) data – useful option for photographers.
  • option to resize images while optimizing to specific maximum width or height (bigger of two)
  • option to restore optimized image (if backups available/enabled) – Useful if you want to test the compression results.
  • supports basic http authentication, if your website is protected with http password.
  • easy to reoptimize the image using different technique (if backups are enabled)
  • works seamlessly on localhost ( development environments )
  • works great with plugins like Envira, FooGallery, MediaPress, etc.
  • debug page – if something is wrong go to Settings > Debug. You can even export it and send it to us to check your configuration.
  • supports both HTTP and HTTPS
  • uses progressive JPEG for the larger images to display them faster in the browser.
  • single api key for multiple sites
  • compatible with WP Engine, Siteground and all other hosting providers
  • compatible with both Windows/UNIX based servers
  • images that are optimized and the total saved size is less than 5% are free, no tokens are charged.
  • optimization reports in the plugin or in our client area
  • supports WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads, etc
  • free optimization credits for non-profit organizations, you can contact us about that.
  • friendlly support team, ready to help you 24/7.

Still using php 5.2? It’s oblaste! Our support team can help you migrate!

How much does MegaOptim cost?

Our service comes with 200 images/tokens per month for free. Additional tokens can be purchased for $4.99 for 5,000 tokens. Check out our prices.

Want more tokens for free? Help us spread MegaOptim and earn 100 tokens per sign up and 200 tokens once customer becomes paid customer. Ceck out our affiliate program.

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Hooks for Developers

Click here to read more about the actions and filters that are available for developers.


  1. General Settings

    General Settings

  2. NextGen Galleries: Gallery table screen buttons Integration

    NextGen Galleries: Gallery table screen buttons Integration

  3. Advanced Settings

    Advanced Settings

  4. Debug Page

    Debug Page

  5. Media Library: Optimizer

    Media Library: Optimizer

  6. Media Library: Table screen buttons integration

    Media Library: Table screen buttons integration

  7. Media Library: Edit attachment screen buttons integration

    Media Library: Edit attachment screen buttons integration

  8. Custom Folders: Folder select dialog

    Custom Folders: Folder select dialog

  9. Custom Folders: Optimizer

    Custom Folders: Optimizer

  10. NextGen Galleries: Optimizer

    NextGen Galleries: Optimizer

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