Meisterplayer Lite Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Meisterplayer Lite Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

With this Woodstock release of Meisterplayer you can play mp4, mp3, icecast, DASH-streams, HLS-streams and Smooth-streams on your WordPress website; we even support embedded YouTube videos! Personalise your content further by overlaying the video with a small watermark/logo.
This is just a small set of the features Meisterplayer has to offer; we have MeisterPlayer-plugins for DRM, advertising, various analytics providers, even a plugin to create your own UI. Check out our website on for more information.


First release!


We have updated Meisterplayer to the latest release (5.1.1) and added the new HtmlUI plugin.


Removed Fullscreen-configuration flag. This is not yet supported in Meisterplayer.


Created assets, final checks and ready to go!!


Fixed a little UI bug


  1. Demo page Meisterplayer

    Demo page Meisterplayer

  2. WordPress-plugin in action

    WordPress-plugin in action

  3. Meisterplayer as header video player

    Meisterplayer as header video player

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