Member Hero Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Member Hero Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Create a membership site with Member Hero. Out of the box, you get everything you need to site with restricted content for your logged in members to see. Members can even customise their own frontend profiles and change their account settings.

Key Features

  • Unlimited user roles and permissions
  • Customisable registration and login forms with our drag and drop builder.
  • Restrict content based on user roles for posts, pages and categories.
  • Personalised brand colours
  • Clean and modern frontend profiles and account settings (users can customise and change their own settings)
  • Clean and modern members directory
  • Shortcodes to embed forms, profiles, directories wherever you wish
  • Customisable notification emails to new members
  • Bulk import users with custom field matching (CSV only)
  • Simple setup wizard that gets you setup in 10 seconds or less.

Find Us

Member Hero is an active plugin that is constantly being worked on and improved. Head to our website for more information.


Member Hero is made more powerful and customised to your needs with our premium add-ons:

* Subscriptions (coming soon) – create paid membership subscriptions. Includes discount codes, downloads, unlimited subscription plans. Payments handled by Stripe and PayPal.

* Mailchimp (coming soon) – send any blog post as an email newsletter when you press ‘Publish’. Send based on audiences, segments and tags. Sync meta data. Create custom newsletter subscribers form.
* Integration with other email providers coming soon

* 2FA – Add extra security for your users when they login. Uses Google Authenticator for authentication.
* reCAPTCHA – Reduce spam and bots trying to register onto your site.
* Social Logins – Allow users to login and register using their Twitter and Facebook accounts.
* Limited login attempts – Limited number of login attempts for security reasons.

Member Profiles
* Followers – Allow members to follow each other
* Notifications – Members get notified when certain actions happen on the site.
* Direct messages – Allow members to send direct messages to each other.
* Show online/offline status – Creates a small red/green circle next to the user’s profile to show their status.

* Advanced custom fields – Allows for customisable filtering of form fields.
* Content dripping – Time-based release of content.

Documentation and Support

You can read our documentation and contact us for support here:


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