MiwoWidgets – Widget Visibility Manager Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

MiwoWidgets – Widget Visibility Manager Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

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With WordPress you can normally assign widgets to be shown to certain sidebars. With MiwoWidgets you have the possibility to assign widgets to just about anything you want. Pages, posts, categories, dates, languages, IPs, URLs, devices, browsers are some of the assignment options.


  • Super easy-to-use Ajax interface
  • Complete widget visibility control
  • Works with all widgets and themes
  • Custom Post Types based assignment
  • User and User Role based assignment
  • Language based assignment
  • Page based assignment
  • Post and Category based assignment
  • Front, Attachment, Tags page assignment
  • Archive, Error, Search page assignment
  • Months, Daays, Date, and Time based assignment
  • IP based assignment
  • Device (mobile, desktop) based assignment
  • Operating System based assignment
  • Browser based assignment
  • WPML and qTranslate support

Pro Features

  • URL based assignment
  • Geo Location (continent, country, state/region) based assignment
  • Template based assignment
  • MiwoShop product/category/manufacturer based assignment
  • WooCommerce product/category based assignment
  • bbPress forum/topic based assignment
  • BuddyPress Group based assignment
  • Custom PHP code assignment


Documentation will be maintained on the Miwisoft.com site.


Use the WordPress.org forums for community support. We cannot offer efficient support directly for free.


  1. miwowidgets screenshot 1

    Back-end: Visibility Button.

  2. miwowidgets screenshot 2

    Back-end: Loading Assignment.

  3. miwowidgets screenshot 3

    Back-end: Posts.

  4. miwowidgets screenshot 4

    Back-end: Date.

  5. miwowidgets screenshot 5

    Back-end: IP.

  6. miwowidgets screenshot 6

    Back-end: Geo Location.

  7. miwowidgets screenshot 7

    Back-end: Languages.

  8. miwowidgets screenshot 8

    Back-end: WooCommerce.

  9. miwowidgets screenshot 9

    Back-end: Custom PHP.

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