MnumiDesigner Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

MnumiDesigner Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Professional Photo Product Editing Tool for WooCommerce.
Personalise any product in WooCommerce. Use our very easy, yet powerful Online
Designer. Get Print Ready Themes for Photo Products. Create unlimited numbers of
own Templates for any of your WooCommerce product. Produce unlimited numbers of
Print Ready PDFs without worrying of server capabilities.


  1. Navigate to MnumiDesigner > Settings
  2. Enter your MnumiDesigner API Key ID and MnumiDesigner API Key.
    If you do not have one you can request Demo Access by clicking “Get demo
    access” button. Note, that Demo access is 14 days long and after that period
    your projects will be deleted.
  3. When your API credentials are set, navigate to MnumiDesigner > All templates.

Sample data

MnumiDesigner comes with our ready-made templates. After initial connfiguration
you can see them in MnumiDesigner > All templates. Our templates can not be
edited, still you can duplicate them and then modify these duplicated versions.
You can also create templates from scratch.

WooCommerce integration

MnumiDesigner is a standalone plugin, but its full functionality is available
when also WooCommerce is installed. It integrates with Simple and Variable products.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Products. Open editing view of your Simple/Variable product.
1. For simple products: you will see new Mnumidesigner tab.
2. For variable products: open Variations tab, choose variation. Inside variation
form there is visible initially collapsed MnumiDesigner header. Clicking on it,
will expand view similar to the one for simple products.


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