Modern Team Showcase With Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Modern Team Showcase With Widget Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Modern Team Showcase with Widget plugin works with Slider, Grid also with widget. Our Team Showcase allows you to easily create and display profiles of your team members & staff to display your site. so dispaly team members complete with profile pictures, links to social networks and their individual bio on WordPress Website.

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Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.

Here is the Modern Team Showcase with Widget shortcode example

Main shortcode:



  • No Need Coding Skills.
  • You can easily show/hide and customize every field.
  • Easy to add.
  • Display Social Icons.
  • Popup lightbox for more information.
  • Also work with Gutenberg shortcode block.
  • Shortcode Generator.
  • Create with multiple Slider & Grid using category.
  • Beautiful, minimalist & light-weight.
  • Add unlimited team member in slider & Grid.
  • No any settings for this plugin.
  • No extra code and files.
  • Fully SEO Friendly.
  • Touch, swipe or tap on iOS, Android or any other touch devices with on/off option.

To create team showcase with 5 Design Template:

Common Shortcode Paramaters for Grid And Slider

  • Team Member Limit:
    limit=”-1″ ( i.e. Set number of team member show on your website, default value is “-1” it mean all. Option: any number).

  • Display by category:
    category=”category_ID” (i.e. Set multiple member groups by using category ID. Option: Category ID).

  • Design Template:
    template=”template-1″ (i.e. Set the design template for team showcase slider, grid and widget. Option: template-1, template-2, upto 5).

  • Popup lightbox :
    show_author=”false”(To display Author name.Option: “true” OR “false”).

  • Set team Member Order :
    order=”ASC”(Set team member order with option: DESC, ASC.).

  • Set team Member Orderby :
    orderby=”rand”(Set team member orderby with option: name, ID, author, date, title, rand.).

  • Show Position :
    show_position=”false”(To display Member Position with Option: “true” OR “false”).

  • Show Social :
    show_social=”false”(To display Member Social Icon with Option: “true” OR “false”).

For Grid only Shortcode Paramaters

  • grid :
    grid=”3″(To Set columns with Post Option of columns: 1,2,3,4,5,6.).

For Slider only Shortcode Paramaters

  • Set slider Scroll :
    slides_scroll=”3″ (i.e. to set how many slider scroll to the slider at a time. Option: any number).

  • Set slider Columns :
    slides_column=”3″ (i.e. to set slider column Option: 2,5,4 etc.).

  • Pagination bullat :
    bullat=”false” (i.e. To display slider slide pagination bullets. Option: “true” OR “false”).

  • Left Right Arrows:
    arrows=”false” (i.e. To display slider previous and next arrows. Option: “true” OR “false”).

  • Autoplay:
    autoplay=”false”(i.e. To move slide automatically in slider. Option: “true” OR “false”).

  • Autoplay interval:
    autoplay_interval=”1000″ (i.e. To set interval time between two slide in Millisecond).

  • Slide speed:
    speed=”3000″ (i.e. To set slider slide moving speed in Millisecond).

How to install :


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