Nextypay Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Nextypay Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The Nextypay plugin allows you to accept NTY payment via Nextypay gateway on your WordPress site easily.

One click payment via Nextypay with a remember me feature. Responsive design so it is compatible with all devices and browsers.

Your customers will be redirected to the “Thank You” page after the payment. This page shows them a QR code and links to download mobile app
(the order that they just placed).These apps help your customers to transfer NTY over Blockchain, from customer wallet to your wallet, which is settingable in backend.
its just a option to make the transfer easier with hexed code from the QR code. This plugin load full Blocks from the Blockchain and save any Transaction, which content your Wallet as to_wallet. For the Blocks
loading, a short guide for linux cronjob added in the root folder of plugin (30 blocks loaded every minute, because Nexty blockchain create Blocks every 2 seconds).
How many blocks to save is settingable too in backend (to prevent a block revert). Once the order enough paid, the plugin changes order status to completed, and notifies to customer.
For more details, you can see these Videos below.

Setup and Usage Video

Coming soon

Checkout Demo Video

Exchange API

At the moment, we are using only the exchange API service of Coinmarketcap to exchange the order total from store currency into NTY. In the future we will add several APIs to the list.
Coinmarketcap API
Public API Terms Of Use
Privacy And Cookie Policy

Coming soon


  • Quick installation and setup.
  • Easily take payment for a service from your site via Nextypay.
  • Zero Transfer fee and instant payment
  • Fully decentralize
  • Secure whole informations, even the QR code only displays hexed code
  • Opensource
  • Become a partner of the growing up Nexty ecosystem

The setup is very easy. Once you have installed the plugin, all you need to do is setting the backend with full instructions.


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