NinjaScanner Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

NinjaScanner Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A lightweight, fast and powerful antivirus scanner for WordPress.

NinjaScanner is a lightweight, fast and powerful antivirus scanner for WordPress which includes many features to help you scan your blog for malware and virus.


  • File integrity checker.
  • Files comparison viewer.
  • Exclusion filters.
  • File snapshot.
  • Anti-malware/Antivirus.
  • Incremental scans.
  • Background scans.
  • Scheduled scans (Premium).
  • WP-CLI integration (Premium).
  • Debugging log.
  • Email report.
  • Integration with NinjaFirewall (WP and WP+ Edition).
  • Multi-site support.
  • Contextual help.
  • And many more…

File Integrity Checker

The File Integrity Checker will compare your WordPress core files as well as your plugin and theme files to their original package. Its Files Comparison Viewer will show you the differences between any modified file and the original. You can also add your Premium themes and plugins to the File Integrity Checker.

File Snapshot

The File Snapshot will show you which files were changed, added or deleted since the previous scan.

Anti-Malware Signatures

You can scan your blog for potential malware and virus using the built-in signatures. The scanning engine is compatible with the popular Linux Malware Detect LMD (whose anti-malware signatures are included) and with some ClamAV signatures as well. You can even write your own anti-malware signatures.

Incremental Scan

If a scan is interrupted before completion (e.g., crash, error etc), it will restart automatically where it left off.

NinjaFirewall Integration

If you are running our NinjaFirewall (WP or WP+ Edition) web application firewall plugin, you can use this option to integrate NinjaScanner into its menu.

Fast and Lightweight Scanner

NinjaScanner has strictly no impact on your database. It only uses it to store its configuration (less than 1Kb). It saves the scan data, report, logs etc on disk only, makes use of caching to save bandwidth and server resources. It also includes a Garbage Collector that will clean up its cache on a regular basis.

Background Scans

Another great NinjaScanner feature is that it runs in the background: start a scan, let it run and keep working on your blog as usual. You can even log out of the WordPress dashboard while a scanning process is running! You don’t have to wait patiently until the scan has finished. Additionally, a scan report can be sent to one or more email addresses.

Advanced Settings

NinjaScanner offers many advanced settings to finely tune it, such as exclusion filters, selection of the algorithm to use, a debugging log etc.

Premium Features

Check out our NinjaScanner Premium Edition

  • **Scheduled Scans: Don’t leave your blog at risk. With the scheduled scan option, NinjaScanner will run automatically hourly, twice daily or daily.
  • WP-CLI Integration: Do you own several blogs and prefer to manage them from the command line? NinjaScanner can nicely integrate with WP-CLI, using the ninjascanner command. You can use it to start or stop a scanning process, view its status, its report or log from your favourite terminal, without having to log in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Dedicated Help Desk with Priority Support


  1. Summary page.

    Summary page.

  2. Basic settings.

    Basic settings.

  3. Advanced settings.

    Advanced settings.

  4. Nerds settings.

    Nerds settings.

  5. WP-CLI integration.

    WP-CLI integration.

  6. Report sample.

    Report sample.

  7. Viewing differences between the modified and the original files.

    Viewing differences between the modified and the original files.

  8. Debugging log.

    Debugging log.

  9. Integration with NinjaFirewall.

    Integration with NinjaFirewall.

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