Okomo Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Okomo Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Okomo targets companies that strive for more personal interactions with their customers through their online channels, but don’t have the internal resources to develop and maintain their own solution. With a single line of code, the sales and service all-in-one communication software can be integrated into the company website and all online channels within just a few minutes. With Okomo, online visitors can easily identify the right contact person and communicate live via chat, audio or video call with screensharing, exchange data or simply book an appointment. No downloads or registration is necessary. At Okomo, we believe in the power of human interaction in real time.

Key Features

The Okomo WordPress extension helps you to integrate Okomo into your website within a few minutes. Right afterwards, you and your experts/agents can start too receive and answer customers’ or prospects’ inquiries.

The key features that Okomo supports are:

Expert Filter:
Finding the right expert at your firm has never been easier for customers and prospects!
Use custom filters to allow clients to find the expert they’d like to speak to at your organization.

Expert Profile & Availability Status:
Clients can easily pick a preferred contact by browsing through images and brief competency- descriptions of the experts that you have online.

Available or not? Experts show visitors whenever they are available to answer calls or live- chats promptly. Alternatively, there is an easy to use messaging and an appointment scheduling function.

Live Chat and Audio/Video-calls:
Your digital business card combines all your online communication.

Chat: Your customers can send messages and files directly over your web browser.

Calls: Place voice and video calls anytime for free. Whether you are around the corner, or on the other side of the world. With Okomo you can get in contact immediately.

Whether it’s a product demonstration or remote support – share your screens in order to see what’s not working for your customers; without annoying downloads and installations.

Appointment Scheduler:
What if an expert is unavailable? No problem! The Okomo appointment scheduler makes booking an online meeting easy.

Arranging calls: If an expert is unavailable, your clients can instantly propose three appointment times for a call – without much back and forth.

Confirmation received: At one click, the date agreed-upon can be saved in the calendar. Both, the expert and the client will receive a pre-meeting reminder via e-mail.

Calendar synchronization: Experts’ calendars sync with the Office 365 (Outlook) and Google Calendar, so people can only schedule appointments at times your experts are available.

Rating & Feedback:
Okomo’s built-in feedback feature allows measuring customer satisfaction easily and instantly.

Every opinion counts: After each conversation, your counterpart can give instant feedback. This helps to improve the quality of your customer support.

Mobile Optimized:
– Okomo works across any platform, browser and operating system!
– No installation or registration is required for your customers or prospects!
– The setup of Okomo for your company and onboarding your experts just takes a few minutes!

To learn more about Okomo and it’s features, visit: https://okomo.com

Server requirements:
– Okomo is hosted on Okomo servers, meaning you don’t need to run any servers yourself!
– Integrating Okomo into your website only requires the Okomo Company ID (provided during the registration) that you can set in the Okomo WordPress plugin.
– Okomo is available across any platform, browser and operating system.
– For voice and video calls, your website must be SSL certified (i.e. https secured).

Customer/Prospect requirements:
Visitors, existing customers and prospects only need a modern webbrowser on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Expert/agent requirements:
Experts need to login to the Okomo Expert Portal to be able to answer customer inquiries.

Agent side requirement:
– Agent needs to login to Okomo dashboard for having chats and using other features. Dashboard can be used from Web, and Mobile apps (Android & iOS).

Okomo support:
Visit https://okomo.com or email us at info@okomo.com in case you have any questions.
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  1. Link Okomo Company ID to integrate Okomo

    Link Okomo Company ID to integrate Okomo

  2. Integration into the website is complete

    Integration into the website is complete

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