OpenStreetMap For Gutenberg And WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

OpenStreetMap For Gutenberg And WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Add beautiful maps to your WordPress pages with ease. Customize location, map styles, marker and more. Include the map as Gutenberg block, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) content element or shortcode. No API keys required.

General Settings

This plugin comes with sane predefined settings. Adjust them to your liking. The marker is optional and is not displayed by default.

Map Settings

Map Style Choose the style of the map from one of the available map tile providers to fit your needs.
Map Height in Relation to Width Change the map’s aspect ratio. Works nicely with responsive designs.
Zoom Level Change the view distance. The higher the number, the closer the distance to the map. (Note: not all styles support all zoom levels).
Zoom With CTRL-Key Only Prevent zooming during page scroll.
Latitude/Longitude of the Map’s Center Specify the map’s center position. Only needed if no marker configured or marker is not set to center the map.
Show Attribution Display or hide attribution for map styles and data. If you disable the checkbox please consider the legal circumstances.

Marker Settings

Determine Position By Choose if you want to specify the marker position by an address or coordinates. The marker appears only if you specify an address or coordinates.
Address Insert the marker’s address here with comma separated address parts (only used if you have choosen ‘Address’ in previous setting).
Latitude/Longitude Specify marker position with latitude and longitude data (only used if you have chosen ‘Coordinates’ in first setting).
Center Map on Marker If checked, the map is centered by the marker. Latitude and Longitude from map settings are ignored with this option active.
Icon The icon to appear on the marker. Subset from Material Icons in outlined style (available categories: Maps, Places, Social).
Marker Color Color of the background of the marker.
Popup Text Content of the popup that appears if the user clicks on the marker.


The block is located in the ‘Embed’ category and supports the wide and full width options.

WPBakery Page Builder

The content element can be found on the ‘Content’ tab with the name ‘SBS OpenStreetMap’.


The shortcode for the map plugin is [sbs_openstreetmap]. If parameters are not specified, the defaults are used (the same as in the other components). The popup text for the marker can be specified between the opening and closing shortcode tags.


See section ‘General Settings’ for description. Name in parentheses is the entry there.

map_style (Map Style) Available values:
wikimedia Wikimedia (default)
openstreetmap_de OpenStreetMap DE
opentopomap OpenTopoMap
stamen_toner Stamen Toner
stamen_toner_light Stamen Toner Light
stamen_terrain Stamen Terrain
stamen_watercolor Stamen Watercolor
map_height (Map Height in Relation to Width) Use a number as percentage of the width. Default value is 50.
zoom (Zoom Level) Number between 0 and 20. Default value is 15.
ctrl_mouse_zoom (Zoom With CTRL-Key Only) Set to true or false. Default is false.
latitude (Latitude of the Map’s Center)
longitude (Longitude of the Map’s Center)
show_attribution (Show Attribution) Set to true or false. Default is true.
marker_source (Determine Position By) Available values:
address (default)
marker_address (Address)
marker_latitude (Latitude)
marker_longitude (Longitude)
marker_center (Center Map on Marker) Set to true or false. Default is true.
marker_icon (Icon) CSS classes for the icon. Go to the Material Icon website and choose your desired icon. To get the CSS classes, use the icon’s name, replace the underscore with a hyphen and prepend ‘sbs-map-icon sbs-map-‘. Example: icon ‘local_airport’ becomes to ‘sbs-map-icon sbs-map-local-airport’
marker_color (Marker Color) Available values:
dark_blue (default)

Uses default values
[sbs_openstreetmap marker_source=”coordinates” marker_center=”true” marker_color=”green” marker_latitude=”52.4679888″ marker_longitude=”13.3257928″ marker_icon=”sbs-map-icon sbs-map-my-location”]
Green marker from coordinates with my_location icon, centered map at marker and no popup text
[sbs_openstreetmap map_style=”stamen_terrain” map_height=”30″ zoom=”14″ ctrl_mouse_zoom=”true” marker_center=”true” marker_color=”dark_blue” marker_address=”Bundesallee 87, 12161 Berlin” marker_icon=”sbs-map-icon sbs-map-beenhere”]Popup Text[/sbs_openstreetmap]
Stamen Terrain style, dark blue marker from address with popup text


External Services

Provides the map data
OpenStreetMap ODbL
Used to search the address for the marker with Leaflet GeoSearch component
OpenStreetMap Nominatim GeoSearch Usage policy
Providers used for choosable map styles
Wikimedia Terms of use
OpenStreetMap DE Terms of use
OpenTopoMap CC-BY-SA/Terms of use
Stamen CC BY 3.0/Terms of use

Third-Party Components

Leaflet JS BSD 2-Clause “Simplified” License
Leaflet.GestureHandling MIT License
Leaflet.GeoSearch MIT License
Only used in Gutenberg Editor
React FontIconPicker MIT License
prop-types MIT License
Classnames MIT License
react-transition-group BSD 3-Clause License


  1. Multiple map styles

    Multiple map styles

  2. WPBakery Page Builder

    WPBakery Page Builder

  3. Gutenberg


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