Orbisius Support Tickets Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Orbisius Support Tickets Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Orbisius Support Tickets is a minimalistic ticket support system that enables you to handle support requests nicely.
You need to create several pages and paste the relevant shortcodes so your customer can submit their support requests.

You can manually create the pages that the plugin needs with the following shortcodes or let the plugin create them for you (Orbisius Support Tickets > Settings).
Ideally, you should create a top level page called Support (/support) or Help (/help).
Then create the following subpages. The parent page link will be prepended automatically by WordPress.

My Tickets
link: /support/my-tickets
This shortcode lists user’s tickets

View Ticket
link: /support/view-ticket

This shortcode is for viewing a given ticket

Submit Ticket
link: /support/submit-ticket
This shortcode lists ticket submission form

Add the newly created pages to the site’s nav menu.
You need to go in to Appearance > Menus


If you have found a bug or have a recommendation submit a ticket https://github.com/orbisius/orbisius-support-tickets/issues
We can’t fix something we don’t know about.

If you’ve found a security glitch please email ASAP to: help at orbisius.com.

You can use the following shortcode to generate a link to a given page.

Link to view single ticket page
[orbisius_support_tickets_generate_page_link page=view_ticket]

Link to my tickets page
[orbisius_support_tickets_generate_page_link page=list_tickets]

Link to submit tickets page
[orbisius_support_tickets_generate_page_link page=submit_ticket]

if you want the link to be passed through esc_url pass this attribute.

You can customize the email notification templates.
The plugin provides merge tags that you can using in the email templates. That way you’ll be able to use the same template on multiple sites.

The plugin should also work if your hosting is running php v5.2.4 (min php version required by WordPress itself).


– notifications
– settings page -> set pages
– ticket statuses


Svetoslav Marinov (Slavi) | Custom Web and Mobile Programming by Orbisius.com


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