PixoPoint Menu Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

PixoPoint Menu Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin has been retired. It serves little purpose any longer and has many problems which I do not have time to fix. A better solution is to use the menu system built into WordPress core. If you desperately require similar functionality to this plugin, try my other plugin the “Multi-level Navigation plugin” which is almost identical, but will be around for a long time to come.

Adds an SEO friendly, accessible regular or dropdown menu to your WordPress blog. Visit the PixoPoint Menu Plugin page for more information about the plugin.


  • Control content will be displayed in the menu
  • Easy to use interface for modifying the design
  • Animation drodpown menus
  • Up to two menus
  • Plus much more

Changing the look of your menu

To control the design of your menu, check out the PixoPoint Menu CSS generator.

Special thanks to Greg Yingling (aka malcalevak) who was a massive help with optomising the code for this plugin.


  1. pixopoint-menu screenshot 1

    The administration page for the PixoPoint Menu plugin, where you can modify what appears in your menu by drag and dropping the various menu items. By clicking the tabs at the top of the page you can access sections for modifying various features of the plugin. The ‘Load Editor’ button loads the editing panel as shown below.

  2. pixopoint-menu screenshot 2

    The ‘Settings tab’ from the administration page for the PixoPoint Menu plugin, where you can modify a variety of different features in the plugin.

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