Prodii Presentation – For Teams And Organisations Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Prodii Presentation – For Teams And Organisations Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Enhance your reach by collaborating!
This plugin is for users of the Prodii web service on, enabling you to map the human ressources in your organisation, network and/ or team and make them transparent and searchable.
On you build your professional network of ressources; people you know and their skills (data).
On your WordPress homepage you present your ressources; people and their skills visualized.
With the Prodii WP-plugin, you create a profile section on your wordpress homepage showcasing your professional accomplishments. The Prodii plugin integrates and synchronizes information from your prodii account into your wordpress homepage.
Designed for freelancers, networked organisations and any work relation that stretches across organisations, geolocations and type of hire. Prodii is GDPR compliant by design.
Read more about the why, how and what on

//How to – in Headlines//
1: Sign Up on (no credit card required)
2: Get your publisher Key for the WP-plugin
3: Generate and publish short code
Now you have a data flow from your prodii account to your home page.
Please make sure you have the newest version of WordPress and our plugin installed.
Before downloading and installing this plugin please get familiar with our terms and conditions.

//DESIGN/ template//
The Prodii WP-plugin embeds skills from your network into a template. The template defines the look and feel. The template is customizable and open source angling you to present your teams as you please and also in a structure by your choice.

1: Create a account on Prodii and copy the publisher key into Settings:
Go to and sign up for an account
Build your personal profile
Create company: Fill out information about your company (organisation, network of teams)
Create your team(s) and invite people
Copy your WP-publisher Key
Go to your wordpress homepage
Install and activate Prodii WP-plugin
Paste your WP-publisher Key into Settings
Generate short code and put it on a page

2: Generate a short code:
To make it work you have to generate a short code for each page. You can generate a short code for:
▪ each profile.
▪ a team; a 2-level page structure; an aggregated front page linking to profiles.
▪ a company page; an entire organisational 3-level structure; an aggregated front page for all selected teams; a team page (as described above) and belonging profiles.

3: Put each short code on a page with full width page settings.
Setting for the page must be “full page”
The short codes includes the id-numbers of your profile, team and/ or company and the name of the template that defines the layout and design. Prodii offers a free template. You can design your own templates from these layouts by changing the CSS file.NB! Please read carefully before you install

With our templates you can show the company, team and profile pages as you like.
Please contact us, if you want to create your own customised template.



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