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Plugin Description

This plugin adds Progressive Web App features to your WordPress site and turns it into a PWA.

This plugin is currently in an open beta phase. I’d love to get some feedback from the community!

Web App Manifest

Create a web app manifest from the WordPress backend. No coding skills required!


Provide an awesome app-like experience while making your website installable. Therefore it takes the data from the manifest.json.

Offline usage

No connection? No Problem!
This feature allows you to provide offline usage for your website.
A copy of each pages is stored in the cache as your visitors view them. This allows a visitor to load any previously viewed page while they are offline. This then adds the „offline page“ that allows you to customize the message and experience if the app is offline, and the page is not in the cache.

Push notifications

Coming soon..


A development version of this plugin is hosted on github. If you have some ideas for improvements, feel free to dive into the code:


  1. Make your website installable

    Make your website installable

  2. Create a Web App Manifest..

    Create a Web App Manifest..

  3. coding skills required coding skills required

  4. Make your app ready for offline use

    Make your app ready for offline use

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