ProProfs Chat – Live Chat Plugin For WordPress Website - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

ProProfs Chat – Live Chat Plugin For WordPress Website - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Proprofs Chat plugin for WordPress is a live chat plugin that one can use to add customer support to their website. This is the best live chat software which helps you to

connect with website visitors and existing customers. With our live chat plugin for WP, we not only help you increase your leads but also boost customer delight.

Why ProProfs Chat?

ProProfs Chat is a complete package of the best features available in the market. The basic aim of this chat plugin is to simplify the entire process of customer

satisfaction. ProProfs Chat integrates seamlessly with other software and tools like MS Dynamics, CRM, CMS, email marketing and more. These integrations allow the

operators to save the conversations with customers and visitors for future reference.

It also allows you to send predefined messages in the form of “canned responses.” It resolves customer issues faster by seeing what customers type, even before they

type their queries, or what they view on the website. We understand the importance and need of efficient and effective customer service.

As an addition to the existing features, ProProfs Chat works on the grass root level when it comes to providing 24*7 customer service. It offers a built-in ticketing system

to solve the purpose. In certain cases when the chat operators are offline, the chat widget is converted into a ticket to enable customers to contact you with their

questions. The tickets can then be used for managing and redressing customer queries that require more than one live chat session.

ProProfs Chat also helps you generate more leads. It assists you to connect with visitors and send them chat invites. With this feature, chat operators can automatically

send personalized messages to the prospects and customers on the basis of specified conditions, such as the number of visited pages, the key pages that they visit or

time spent on the website.

From email marketing to e-commerce integrations, ProProfs Chat amalgamates flawlessly with other popular tools. These include help desk software like Zendesk,

Freshdesk; customer relationship management apps (CRM) like HubSpot, Salesforce, MS Dynamics; CMS, email marketing and more.

Benefits of ProProfs Chat

With the advent of digital age, speed has become the king. Customers want help instantly. Out of all the customer support channels available — offline or online —

ProProfs Chat is the best tool available in the market.

With live chat plugin for WordPress, customers have a direct and free option to ask for help. Using ProProfs Chat and WordPress together, customers get the freedom

to put their queries forward regarding the product or service they want to buy and you can answer them in real-time, which simplifies the overall process.

Moreover by using ProProfs Chat, one can easily communicate with the customers and can understand their needs in a better way. This also helps to generate leads as

you can communicate about the other products you have and help customers understand their benefits through a one to one conversation.

And now the good news! Very few companies offer live chat software. By opting for ProProfs Chat, you are already one step ahead of the companies which do not invest

in this indispensable customer support software. You can have an edge over your competitors by managing products more effectively and efficiently, and not to forget-

“customer delight”.

What is ProProfs Chat for WordPress?

If you are hosting a website and looking for a solution with regards to customer support, then ProProfs Chat is definitely a good option for you. Live Chat WordPress

integration allows you to add chat on your website. With this amazing live chat software you can redress the customer complains in a jiffy. Also, you can extend help to

prospects through chat invitations. This live chat solution helps you not only to reach more people but also decreases the time period of handling customer complaints.

How to use ProProfs Chat?

ProProfs Chat for WordPress can be used to add live chat feature to your website. You can add the chat window to the key pages or all the pages, depending upon your

requirements. Whenever the visitors land on those pages, your support operators can send them chat invitations to explain the benefits and subtly take them through the

sales funnel.
Live support operators can solve the customer complaints anytime, anywhere as they can access chat on desktop as well as on their phones.


While ProProfs Chat plugin for WordPress is free, but you need to subscribe to ProProfs Chat to use it. For viewing the packages and their cost, navigate to ProProfs

Pricing. We offer 15 days free trial. One needs to click on “sign up free” tab and enjoy any plans for free.

Sign up for ProProfs Chat here.

Features of ProProfs Chat

Let us take you through some of the best features and their effects that make ProProfs Chat the best option for you:

Tracking: ProProfs chat allows you to track your customers, send them invitations for chat, know where they are coming from and fulfil their requirements..
Tickets: With ProProfs Chat, complaints can be recorded in forms of tickets when the chat operators are offline or busy with other customers, and even a priority can be

set for the same. Once the operators are online, they can solve these issues. This way no complain remains unanswered.
Feedback: This feature allows you to take feedback from customers at the end of every conversation. This way you can better understand their requirements and know

on what level their problems are being solved.
Chat Invites: Once the customers or visitors land on your key pages, the customer support operator can offer them help through chat invitations.
In depth reports: You can access the detailed reports like chat requests, operator login hours, chat ratings, chat transcripts and more which can help you track individual

customer support operator’s performance.
Integrations: The compelling Chat support integrates seamlessly with CMS, CRM, MS dynamics, e-commerce, and email marketing tools. These integrations help you

save the existing conversations with the visitors and customers for future needs.
Beautiful chat windows: One can easily customize their chat windows. You can have attractive customizable, different chat windows for different departments. ProProfs

Chat even offers an extensive gallery of ready-made chat templates.
Data capturing: The live support chat software allows you to capture data through API. You can monitor certain departments and have a look at all the metrics related to

operators, tickets, and more. Captured data can be exported in CSV format as well.
Canned responses: This feature allows you to send pre-written answers to the common, repetitive questions, which makes the entire chat process very quick.
Chat routing: The feature allows you to clarify how upcoming chat requests are sent to the available chat operators. Usually, chats are sent to the available operators

automatically. Another way can be that they enter a queue from which an operator can pick them up on their own.
Chat greetings: This feature helps you to welcome website visitors with customized messages. Usually a more personalized, and targeted chat invitation is the prefered

to initiate a conversation and engage a website visitor.
Anytime, anywhere: The software allows the operators to interact with customers anytime, anywhere. The chat can be accessed on iOS and Android devices along with

the desktop version.


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