Quick Download Button Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Quick Download Button Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Quick download button is a download button for WordPress. You can easily add a better download link to your post with this plugin.


  • Support for WordPress Gutenberg
  • Display file size and file extension.
  • Create a download button link with shortcode with options
  • Link your download button to anywhere on the web where it’s publicly available.
  • Allow free music download, video download, PDF download, spreadsheet file download and more.
  • Hide download link
  • Support for external download link
  • Shows download file extension for ‘pdf’,’mp3′,’mov’,’zip’,’txt’,’doc’,’xml’,’mp4′,’ppt’ and images ( png, gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp)
  • Support for htm, html, ps, tex, xml, txt, csv, xlsx (Microsoft Excel), pptx (Microsoft PowerPoint), js, css, php
  • Open external download in new tab
  • Force file download

Basic Usage

** Gutenberg Block **

  1. Open the post you want to add a download link to, click on add block icon (+).
  2. Under Media, click on the Download Button icon.
  3. Click on the button to change the title, click on the download icon next to the button to upload a file for download.
  4. Enter a suitable title in the text box, the default title is download. All done!

** Shortcode **
Open the post or page you want to add a download button to, paste the shortcode example below

[quick_download_button title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

The url value needs to be replaced with your media link URL. To change the title, enter a different text in the title value. The default value is Download.

More Shortcode Usage

** Link to external URL **

To use external url, add url_external attribute

[quick_download_button title="Download" url_external="https://google.com"]

** Auto calculates file size. **

To let the plugin generate file size, make sure the file URL link is in the WordPress upload directory when using with shortcode e.g wp-content/upload and change filesize value to 1 like below

[quick_download_button filesize="1" title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Add file size manually **

The plugin can calculate the file size for you by entering 1 in the filesize value. You don’t have to enter it manually but in case, enter the file size value in the filesize attribute like below.

[quick_download_button filesize="14.5MB" title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Hide icon for file extension **
To hide icon image for the file extension, set the extension value to 0. Note, this will also hide file extension text.

[quick_download_button  title="Download" filesize="1" extension="0" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

** Show icon image and file extension text **

To show both file extension icon and text, set extension value to 1 and extension_text to 1

[quick_download_button  title="Download" filesize="1" extension="1" extension_text="1"  url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]

To use in a theme file (Developers)

To use in your theme file, add the code below with necessary attributes and values.

echo do_shortcode('[quick_download_button title="Download" url="http://yoursite/wp-content/upload/fileto_download.pdf"]');


You can find out more on how to use this plugin on the Documentation.
To contribute and improve this plugin please visit the Git repo.


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