Quotopia Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Quotopia Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Yet another quotes plugin. Allows you to load custom quotes for whatever needs your website has. Quotes are loaded via text files; no database additions needed. Can customize many aspects of the display, using the shortcode builder page.

What sets this apart from other quote plugins is the fact that our plugin actually remembers the last quote or testimonial that was displayed and will display the next quote if the page gets refreshed. This keeps the cycle continuously moving forward, as someone navigates through your site.

Comes with a Quotes Pack builder interface, which allows you to load your own favorite quotes or customer testimonials. All quote packs are saved inside your wp-content/uploads directory in a “quotes” folder, so you never lose them, even if you deactivate this plugin. Quote files are situated in a JSON format, with a limit of 50 quotes, per file.

This keeps your server overhead low and frees this plugin from any database requirements.

Current Version 1.0.0


  • Quotopia Shortcode builder allows you to customize most aspects of the quote.
  • Works anywhere you can use shortcode.
  • Responsive, width-wise. Height of div will adjust automatically (longer quotes may present issues if this is used in a header of a website).
  • Don’t want to use any of the existing quote packs? Not a problem, build your own via the Quote Pack builder!

This plugin is not compatible with WordPress versions less than 5.0. Requires PHP 5.6+.


  • Check the FAQs/Help located on WordPress’ Plugin page, or the Support forum on WordPress.org’s plugin area.
  • Please be aware that Quotopia can only work correctly once per page. If you have this in your sidebar, header or footer, you cannot include it on a post or page. This should be addressed in the next version.
  • Quotopia has been extensively tested with both jQuery version 1.12.4 and 3.5.1, without any issues. If you don’t see the quotes cycling, ensure you are allowing javascript to run.


  1. Shortcode Builder.

    Shortcode Builder.

  2. Quote Packs listing.

    Quote Packs listing.

  3. Create Quote Pack.

    Create Quote Pack.

  4. Quotopia, in action

    Quotopia, in action

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