Random Image Light Box Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Random Image Light Box Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Random image light box plugin allows you to show one random image with on click light box effect in the website. We can upload your images via plugin admin, alternatively we can use the image folder path in the short code to display the image.

Check official website for live demo http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/

Plugin features

  • Simple and easy installation.

  • Display one image on random order.

  • Light box effect on mouse click.

How to configure

  1. Install and activate the Random image light box plugin.

  2. During activation it create 2 default records in the plugin admin.

  3. Go to Settings >> Random image >> Add New in your WordPress admin to add and update the details.

  4. To add the Random image light box plugin in the page or post, copy the below given plugin short and use it in your post.

  5. If you want to add in the widget, you can drag and drop the Random image light box widget in to your sidebar.


  1. <p>Front Screen 1. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/</p>

    Front Screen 1. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/

  2. <p>Front Screen 2. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/</p>

    Front Screen 2. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/

  3. <p>Admin Screen 1. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/</p>

    Admin Screen 1. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/

  4. <p>Admin Screen 2. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/</p>

    Admin Screen 2. http://www.gopiplus.com/work/2020/10/11/wordpress-plugin-random-image-light-box/

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