SecuPress — WordPress Security - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SecuPress — WordPress Security Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Protect your WordPress with SecuPress, analyze and ensure the safety of your Wordpress website is now easy

Secure your WordPress website with SecuPress to improve your security protection with our featured modules:

Users & Login

The best and easiest way to make sure that users’ data will be protected, and their accounts not compromised.

With the login control feature, you’re able to limit the number of bad login attempts, ban login on non-existing usernames and set a non-login time slot (1).
Also, because your account is important, you can avoid double logins (1) with it and control your sessions (1) to kill one or all of them.

A double authentication feature is available to add a 2FA (1) (Two Factor Auth) because today it’s mandatory to have this feature everywhere.

And because passwords are the most important thing on your account, you can set a password lifetime (1) for all your users. Also force them to use a strong password is possible (1).
Then in your profile page you can now ask for the old password to set a new one, which is a basic security feature that should be used everywhere.

Usernames are somehow forgotten, but you have to be sure that they are clean, not deceptive to your users, don’t let usernames like www, administrator, support by using a username blacklist.

Finally, don’t let bots find your login page, just move it with the famous Move Login plugin, now included in SecuPress.

Plugins & Themes

Vulnerable plugins and vulnerable themes should not be used, but for that, you have to know which ones are bad. Thanks to the detect bad plugins and themes features, you receive alerts by email and visually in the back-end of your site.

Also, don’t let anyone upload a .zip file containing a .php in your website by disallowing the .zip upload of plugins and themes.

Activating, deactivating, adding, removing a plugin, all these actions should not be available all the time on production, block these actions on prod, and let them on preprod only.

WordPress Core

WordPress can be tweaked in so many ways. But are you using the right ones? Let’s see!

Keeping your website up to date is mandatory, like any software you own. Use our update module to be sure to make your website ready to be updated with issue.

WordPress has a very powerful config file in which you can set more than 100 parameters, be sure to use the right one thanks to SecuPress.

Sensitive Data

Preserve your data and avoid losing your content in case of attack.

WordPress Endpoints and APIs are powerful, but some people can trick to use them badly. SecuPress helps you to block bad requests for XML-RPC or REST API.

SecuPress can secure your contents in many ways like refusing the connection for bad bots with the Robots Blackhole feature.

Your bandwidth can be stolen by hotlinking your images, activate the anti-hotlink (1) feature to keep your properties at home.

WordPress and PHP can sometimes disclose some informations that are precious for attackers, deactivate any disclose informations with our 7 submodules anti disclose, same for the readme file, giving too much informations.

One logged in into the back-end of your WordPress website, everybody could gain access to your profile page if you’re away from the keyboard for a few minutes and then, change and read your personal informations. SecuPress adds a new security form to protect 2 important pages (1) as Profile and SecuPress Settings. Don’t be fooled by a colleague!


Malicious requests are common, unfortunately. All malicious incoming requests will be checked and quietly blocked.

SecuPress can block bad User Agents to avoid your website being visited by bad crawler bots, and also block the bad requests methods in a single click.

SecuPress already dislikes and block malicious URLs so it will block bad url contents, block too long urls, and help your website to block sql injection scanners.

When a user is visiting your website, there is no reason to open 10 pages a second, so SecuPress will manage to block brute force tentatives (1) on your front pages.

Sometimes you need to disallow the access of your website to some countries because of attacks or just by need. Thanks to GeoIP Blocking (1) by SecuPress, you can do that, country by country.

Malware Scan

Check file permissions, run monitoring and antivirus on your installation to verify file integrity.

We developed our own malware scan (1), resulting on a great and simple use and results displayed in simple blocks with actions you can take. Don’t spend your time in your FTP looking for bad files, SecuPress will do.

This scanner also checks if your uploads folder (1) contains any dangerous files because there is no good reason to let these files here.

Then SecuPress will warn you if the first file to be loaded in a folder is index.php or not which can lead on phishing or deface.


Reduce the risks of losing your content in an attack by backing up your database and files.

If you don’t have yet a backup solution(A), SecuPress brings you its own system. You can backup files and database and download them. In the future, you’ll be able to upload on any cloud service.

Anti Spam

Traffic done by bot represents about 60% of the internet. Spams are done by these bots. Don’t let them do that!

We developed our own anti-spam (1) system, a light and discret one. Just activate it, you’re done.


Being alerted of some important events will help you to react quickly in case of possible attacks.

When something important happens on your website, SecuPress sends you an alert (1) by email (and in the future by sms, notifications, slack, twitter…).

Also everyday, receive the report of the day (1) including all attacks and blocking done by SecuPress.


Let SecuPress scan your website when you are away by using recurrent scans.

With the schedules features (1), you won’t have to come back in your back-end every time to scan, a malware file monitoring or run a backup. No, SecuPress do that for you, it prepare for you a scheduled scanner, then a scheduled backup and finally a scheduled malware scan.

Gain time by just reading reports by SecuPress in your email box every time.


Keep an eye on what happened on your website at any time. Also, control banned IPs from our modules here.

Logs (1) exists because knowing what is happening on your website is important, SecuPress will log all important actions only, and logs the 404 pages triggered by users, bots or anyone.


SecuPress it the only plugin with a full scanner able to fix the issues for you. And when a decision has to be taken, it will smartly ask you what to do. Now, you know what you’re currently securing.

In a 4 wizard steps, SecuPress Scanner will take 5 mn of your time to check more than 35 security points.

Once done, you got a grade to have an idea of the security level of your website.

If you’re working for a client, you may need to export a report in PDF (1) for him, well, you can do that too.

 (1) Available in the Pro Version


  1. secupress screenshot 1

    All modules from SecuPress

  2. secupress screenshot 2

    A module page (here is Users & Login)

  3. secupress screenshot 3

    The first scan

  4. secupress screenshot 4

    The 1st step: result of the scan

  5. secupress screenshot 5

    The 2nd step: choose what to automatically fix

  6. secupress screenshot 6

    SecuPress is fixing issue for you

  7. secupress screenshot 7

    The 3rd step: manual fix, when you have to decide something

  8. secupress screenshot 8

    The 4th step: final report, you can export it as PDF (1)

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