Seo Optimized Image Slideshow Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Seo Optimized Image Slideshow Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Please note you cannot have multiple slideshows with this plugin, only one!

This is a very light image slideshow made for WordPress, it is based on Flexslider and runs only on shortcodes.
The slideshow is fully seo optimized, meaning that correct alt text will be outputtet, links are nofollow, light code and
no h2 output like in the original version. This plugin will improve your ranking if you follow our guide on how to
set it up properly, which you will find once you install the plugin and add a new slide.

How to use the slideshow

For using seo optimized image sliedshow in theme files place <?php do_shortcode( '[dessky_responsive_slider]' ); ?> . Alternatively you can use [dessky_responsive_slider] into a post or a page – just like any other shortcode, or you can use shortcode slider button at the top of the content editor.


  • Alt text on images
  • Light weight code
  • Fade or slide transition
  • Nofollow on links
  • Seo Optimized
  • Unlimited slides
  • Responsive with CSS3 and HTML5
  • Image headline output (optional)
  • Horizontal or vertical slide direction (optional)
  • Automatic slide start (optional)
  • Randomize slides (optional)
  • Control navigation toggle (optional)
  • Keyboard / swipe navigation (optional)
  • Mousewheel navigation (optional)
  • Custom max width
  • Custom max height

Technical info and credit

This is a slideshow based on Flex Slider and Desskys slideshow, which you can find here. This is a modified version of it with optimal CSS 3 & HTML5 responsive code, small redesign, lighter code, proper seo optimization and a guide on how to optimize your images the best for SEO as well as a guide on how to set up the slideshow.

We have chosen to clone and remake this plugin because it was lacking essential CSS for giving a good userfriendly experience, nofollow links, proper alt text integration, some minimization and other small issues like image headline being a H2, which can seriously harm your SEO, especially when some of them are hidden. We love Flex Slider so this was an excellent opportunity to improve a good version of it.

Main credit goes to Flex Slider and Dessky. We have just made it good for SEO.


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