Seon API Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Seon API Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

If the SEON extension is enabled every order will be processed by SEON Fraud API, collecting all relevant information about the transaction, the customer and the device that the transaction was made from. Within less than 1 second, you receive a transparent decision wheather the transaction was fraudulent or not. This classification and scoring is automatically integrated into your sales order grid. For information about our APIs, visit our website:

Main features

  • Transaction Monitoring: logins, signups, deposits, withdrawals
  • User Management: blacklisting, whitelisting, investigation
  • Real-time scoring: behavioral recognition, automatic filtering, velocity, machine Learning,
  • Analysis: dashboard, generate reports, export reports

Why use SEON?

Data enrichment

During a transaction the customers’ data are enriched by the SEON engine from wide-ranging open and social sources to provide a 360 degree view about the online users and transactions. SEON provides the most accurate and insightful e-mail address investigation that exists on the market by applying deep social media profiling and domain verification tools.

Decline fraudulent transactions and grow your sales

Online businesses are faced with fraudulent transactions on a day-to-day basis. Stolen credentials are easily obtained by fraudsters in order to conduct payment fraud. Our platform helps to mitigate the losses due to friendly fraud, stolen credit card purchases or any kind kind of online payments. We make sure that the losses are minimised and the conversion rates are maximised.

Prevent abusers from taking advantage of your reward/loyalty programs

Multi-accounting, promo abuse, fake contents and users are major problems across several high risk online industries. Users take advantage of promotions multiple times with numerous accounts and therefore abuse the terms of the merchant. The SEON risk platform enables merchants to easily mitigate the risk of such dishonest activities by monitoring the user-base and activities in real time.

Know every detail about your clients and make better decisions

The SEON risk engine enables online businesses to gain a better overview of the user-base. Our modules can provide useful additional information to the identity profile of a client. The different social media presences, device, phone number and IP related information can help make better business related decision throughout customer identification.


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