Shift Schedule Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Shift Schedule Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The plugin was basically designed to create a shift schedule for nurses, but can be used anywhere where employees work multiple shifts. The plugin can be configured for holidays, holiday holidays reorganizations, and it also handles employee leave.

In the plugin settings you can set any number of shift types to which you can assign colors and letters. This is how it appears in the generated calendar. You can set whether to aggregate one type per employee (i.e., per row) and/or per column (i.e., per day).

The completed shift schedule can be inserted on the user side with the help of [shift-schedule] shortcode, or it can be scrolled and reviewed on the administrator page. It is also possible to display a print image on the administrator page.

Key features

  • Hire any number of employees
    There is no limit to how many employees can handle their shifts.
  • Add any number of shift types
    You can record as many types of shifts as you need.
  • Weekends automatically
    The weekends for that month are calculated automatically by the plugin.
  • Rearrange holidays and workdays
    You can set which days are holidays and if the order of the working days changes, so can.
  • Management of free days
    The number of days off that the plugin manages can be assigned to the employee.
  • Appointment of a shift manager
    You can appoint shift manager(s) in the position.
  • Easy to insert into content
    You can easily insert the current, next, last, or specified month’s schedule into the content using * shortcode *. You can insert more than one page.

Detailed description and examples

On the plugin’s website


  1. Display schedule in content

    Display schedule in content

  2. Insert Shortcode to the content

    Insert Shortcode to the content

  3. Worker management

    Worker management

  4. Worker properties

    Worker properties

  5. Plugin settings

    Plugin settings

  6. Shift type setting

    Shift type setting

  7. Edit schedule

    Edit schedule

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