SimpleStupidShortcode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SimpleStupidShortcode Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

The usual way to include images in WordPress posts is to generate static anchor and “ tags through the editor interface. However, these kind of links make your WordPress site hard to migrate and make it especially hard to automatically change your theme (for instance enlarging the image size or the markup generated for pictures).

No longer: with this plug-in, you can use the simple [image] shortcode in any WordPress post, in order to easily embed any uploaded image. The image is referenced by ID:
[image id=”123″]
dynamically generates a correct “ tag, with responsive srcset support.

The shortcode supports the following parameters:
* id: the WordPress ID of the attachment to include,
* size: size of the image to include (can be any standard size such as thumbnail or full, or any custom image size),
* alt: alternate description to include in the tag,
* title: image title to use in (optional) link,
* link: if set to true will also generate a link to the attachment,
* didascaly: text to add as a didascaly,
* class: additional HTML/CSS classes to add to the root element.


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