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SiteBam Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

SiteBam is a collection of marketing tools to help you rank higher on search engines and understand more about your customers.

  • Position Change Alerts – Track your rank in search engines and be alerted when it changes significantly.
  • Google Ads Assistant – See recordings of what your paid Google ads/shopping website visitors are doing and automatically block repeat clickers who don’t buy.
  • Facebook Ads Assistant – See recordings of what your paid Facebook website visitors are doing and compare your ad ROI.
  • Google Spider Dates – See when Google last spidered each page.
  • Buy Expiring Domains – Buy expiring domains (typically to reinstate a site as part of a PBN – which is how many sites get banklinks and rank higher) and be alerted when a specific domain becomes available (or domains containing a word).
  • SEO Analyser – See what keywords each of your keywords are promoting to Google. Then compare it to higher ranking competitors to see what you need to do.
  • Keyword Ideas – See how many people search for specific keywords on Google and make sure you are targetting the correct ones.
  • Polls – See what your visitors actually want and increase the amount of time they stay on your website.
  • Website Chat – See who is on your website and chat with them. Push Pages, Automate proactive chats and more.
  • Intelligent Popups – SiteBam can learn when visitors are about to leave your site and then shows a popup to try and keep them for longer.
  • Info-Nudges – Show messages like ‘2 People bought this in the last 10 minutes’ or ‘4 people booked this room in the last 24 hours’
  • Heatmaps – See which parts of your pages are most commonly looked at to make sure visitors are noticing your most important content.
  • Funnels – See on which part of your website you are losing your website visitors.
  • Scroll Maps – See how far down the page most website visitors are looking to make sure your important content is in the right place.
  • Recordings – Playback a recording of what your website visitors actually did on your website.

This plugin provides connects your WordPress website to SiteBam, giving you immediate access to all SiteBam features.


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