Slim SEO Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Slim SEO Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A Lightweight SEO Plugin For WordPress

Currently there are many SEO plugins for WordPress in the market. But these plugins often have too many options and are very complicated for ordinary users. Access to their configuration section, you will easily get lost in a maze of explanations and options that you sometimes don’t understand. Besides, there are ads!

So how can an ordinary user use an SEO plugin?

At eLightUp, we believe that SEO should be an integrated part of WordPress, where users don’t need or need very little effort to configure for SEO. The main reason is that not everyone understands the terms of SEO and how to configure them optimally.

So, we made Slim SEO.

Slim SEO follow the philosophy of WordPress, decision over option. That means we provide an SEO plugin for WordPress where the configuration has been done automatically. Users do not need to care about their complex and semantic options.

So what does Slim SEO do?

Slim SEO Features

Slim SEO helps you do the following jobs automatically:

1. Optimize meta title tag

The meta title tag is optimized and displayed automatically. You don’t need to think about which character to use to separate the title parts, or where to put the site title (after or before the page title). All of these issues are solved by Slim SEO automatically and you don’t need to configure anything.

2. Optimize meta description tag

The meta description tag is automatically generated from the post excerpt or post content (in case you didn’t enter post excerpt). For categories, post tags or custom taxonomies, their description will be used as meta description.

All of these operations are automatically done by the Slim SEO plugin. And you don’t need to configure anything.

3. Optimize Open Graph tags for sharing on Facebook

Slim SEO automatically optimizes and displays Open Graph meta tags for your posts. Thus your posts will be displayed beautifully when sharing on Facebook.

4. Optimize for Twitter

When sharing posts on Twitter, Slim SEO automatically optimizes the article to be displayed in a large card form, a beautiful and highly interactive style.

5. Create XML Sitemap

Slim SEO automatically generates XML sitemap (at to submit to search engines. With XML sitemaps, your website are indexed fast and completely.

Who should use Slim SEO

Everyone can use Slim SEO.

However, Slim SEO is perfecly suitable for users who prefer simplicity or do not like the complicated options that other SEO plugins provide. It’s also a good choice for users with little SEO knowledge and just want to use SEO plugins to automate their jobs.

If you need advanced options for SEO, we recommend using the Yoast SEO plugin.


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