SmartCrawl SEO Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SmartCrawl SEO Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Give your site better WordPress SEO optimization with SmartCrawl. Stop fidgeting with settings and win more traffic. SmartCrawl will boost your PageRank and domain authority in Google with one-click setup, automatic sitemaps, improved social sharing, a real-time keyword and content analyzer, scans and reports.

Is your SEO strategy good enough? With SmartCrawl there’s no more juggling settings, making guesses, and wondering if your SEO is properly optimized.

Create clear, bold, targeted content and rank at the top of your favorite browser – from Google to Bing and Firefox to Safari.

SmartCrawl’s SEO Tools for WordPress Include:

  • One-Click Setup Wizard – SmartCrawl will analyze your site and activate settings to boost your reach – no more guesswork!
  • Titles & Meta Descriptions – SmartCrawl SEO customizes how titles and descriptions display on search pages to optimize your content.
  • Leverage Social Media – SmartCrawl SEO/Open Graph integration connects your social accounts and credits you when someone shares your posts.
  • Smart Page Analyzer – SmartCrawl has an SEO checker that scans pages and posts for readability and keyword density and makes suggestions for optimizing your content.
  • SEO Audit & Crawl – Every time you add new content to your site, SmartCrawl will let Google know it’s time to recrawl your site.
  • 301 Redirect – Use SmartCrawl to redirect traffic from one URL to another to protect your hard work and take advantage of high producing links.
  • Integrate With Moz SEO Tools – Already use Moz? Connect your Moz reports and comparison analysis including rank and links.
  • Quick Setup Import/Export – Quickly add your custom SmartCrawl SEO settings to all your sites with included import.


“SmartCrawl is designed to increase traffic without making you jump through hoops or make major site changes. By including the most effective methods of optimization and working on autopilot, SmartCrawl gives you more time for other areas of your blog. As you work and grow, you know that SmartCrawl has your back.
” – Neil Patel

SmartCrawl Unlocks SEO Cheat Codes For WordPress

SEO doesn’t have to be hard! SmartCrawl optimizes your site with a click and makes it easy to tweak and customize with loads of pro tips for winning visitors.

Free SEO Checkup

SmartCrawl will scan your site and find ways to optimize your content and make it more discoverable by search engines. Avoid human error with SmartCrawl! She’ll help create better links, tags, descriptions, images, sitemaps, anchors and improve overall page structure.

Analyze Content And Get Suggestions In Real-Time

SmartCrawl has a content analyzer built right into both the post and page editor. Get instant feedback with suggestions for improving your content – SmartCrawl will make your site easier to read and find!

Get Your Content Recognized On Social Media With Open Graph

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Youtube and most every social network loves Open Graph for connecting, sharing and crediting your content. Take full advantage of viral content with SmartCrawl’s Open Graph integration.

SmartCrawl Has Full SEO Control For Multisite

SmartCrawl gives you options to control SEO settings across an entire network as a Super Admin or powerful search optimization settings for individual site owners. Make bulk changes for Multisite or optimize each site.

Make Your Site More Discoverable By Search Engines

Activate and start reaping the benefits with the automated settings. Or, tweak and share settings across multiple sites. SmartCrawl SEO is brought to you by WPMU DEV – the team behind world class plugins Smush, Hummingbird and Defender.

Get your simple automated WordPress SEO checker, for free!

And if you want scheduled SEO scans, reports, automatic keyword linking and access to our suite of site management tools you can always take the next step with a WPMU DEV Membership. Give it a go free for 30 days.


  1. Use SEO Checkup for suggestions on improving search results.

    Use SEO Checkup for suggestions on improving search results.

  2. SmartCrawl makes it easy to get started with the one-click wizard.

    SmartCrawl makes it easy to get started with the one-click wizard.

  3. Sitemaps tell search engines what content is on your site.

    Sitemaps tell search engines what content is on your site.

  4. Use OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to optimize social sharing.

    Use OpenGraph and Twitter Cards to optimize social sharing.

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