Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer Plugin Preview - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Social Gallery is the Ultimate Lightbox for WordPress. View your images in an amazing Social Lightbox. Let your visitors comment right next to your photos and share the photos across their social networks. This means you benefit from

  • Photos with users engaging and commenting on the images
  • Images that are easily shared across social networks
  • A quick and responsive lightbox
  • Amazing CSS3 transitions
  • And Much More…

I love SG because now instead of sending all of my traffic to our facebook page to view photos from events, I can drive traffic to our site while still keeping the same look at feel of Facebook. –

Social Gallery sets my pictures alive with social fire – or will, once
my wife actually promotes the site…. –

I love Social Gallery because it’s the best plugin of all plugins made by mankind. Not just the best of existing plugins… No, it’s allready better than the ones to develop in to the future –


  • The Ultimate Social Lightbox
  • Facebook-style image viewing
  • 3x More opportunity for visitors to Like and Share
  • Super Easy Install * Now with a Wizard
  • 11 Preset “Modes” including NextGen and Justified Image Grid Compatibility
  • NextGen gallery plugin support – note this does not work with NextGen SLIDERS or SLIDESHOWS
  • Better media navigation for users
  • 40+ CSS 3 Animations – Transition in your Lightbox!
  • Earn More with Lightbox Adverts (Google Adsense)
  • Fullscreen Mode
  • Image Library & Social Gallery Pages
  • Themes Framework gives you control
  • Leverage all your existing blog posts
  • Light weight Javascript
  • Replaces any old Lightbox plugin
  • Multiple browser’s supported (IE 7+, IE10, Safari 3+, iOS Safari, Chrome 3+, Firefox 3+, Opera 10+)
  • Works with posts, pages, widgets and theme’s
  • Custom URLS & SEO Friendly
  • Detailed Documentation with examples
  • Base Bar & Side Bar specific to your blog
  • Works with WordPress Galleries like NextGen, WordPress Gallery Plugin and Justified Imaged Grid
  • Add custom HTML descriptions New: Now “Per Image”!
  • Fully Customisable, 50+ new options in V2
  • Did we tell you it’s easy to install?
  • Facebook’s 1 Billion+ users will be familiar with Social Gallery
  • No Coding Required!
  • Works out of the box with 90% of WordPress themes
  • Even if you have a totally custom theme, it takes only a minute to set up
  • Integrates directly with WordPress – you get an extra menu item for Social Gallery where you can manage everything including settings, image library and update engine

Customizable / Customisable

  • Tweak your Social Gallery easily from the options screen
  • Customize the colors, links and descriptions
  • Customize the margins & image sizes
  • Choose a theme for your navigation!
  • Choose whether you want Facebook Comments or Disqus, or neither!

High Quality Code

  • Modern CSS and jQuery enhancements
  • Compressed jQuery (javascript) and CSS for faster loading
  • Lightweight Javascript (Double minified!)
  • Selectively Loaded CSS3 Animations – reduces page load time
  • Faster than the original Lightbox, and now even faster than older Social Gallery Versions!
  • Uses jQuery and the latest scripts for Facebook Integration, Twitter Tweet it Buttons and Pinterest Pin It buttons as well as Linked In, Google Plus (Google+), Stumble Upon & Tumblr
  • Now works with Disqus Comments system!
  • Choice of Social Gallery Pages framework or other fallbacks, including HashBang solution to distinct image comments
  • iPhone & iPad compatible!


  • Users can navigate through all of the images on your blog post by clicking the left or right arrow key’s
  • Users can click on the right side of the image to move horizontally to the next image, or the left side to go back
  • Users can like, pin, tweet and comment on every blog post image you enable get 3x, 5x++ engagement!
  • CSS3 Animations can be chosen for the opening & closing of Social Gallery!

Version 4.0.2

>> Fix to DFP Google Ad settings to refresh on lightbox navigation

Version 4.0.1

>> Refinement of image tagging (to remove multiple login boxes)

Version 4.0

>> Added image preloading
>> Added compatibility for Essential Grid WordPress Plugin
>> Refined image scanner to pick up more images
>> Improved image tagging
>> Tested compatibility with WordPress 4.1

Version 3.8.6 – 19th April 2014

>> Improvement of image scanner
>> Update for Universal Analytics (Google)
>> NextGen image scanner fix
>> Sites with lots of images improved performance

Version 3.8.5

>> Addition of 
 filter to prevent the open + close effect

Version 3.8.4

>> Update to fix the warning on install that headers already sent

Version 3.8 – 25th November 2013

>> Improvement of Social Gallery auto update core
>> Readiness for WordPress 3.8

Version 3.7 – 12th November 2013

>> Improvement to auto update

Version 3.6 – 12th November 2013

>> Fix to Social Gallery Page Template
>> Code added for auto load 
>> outsourced for quicker updates

Version 3.5 – 11th November 2013

>>Fix where plugin slug was mentioning sgvideo

Version 3.4 – 9th November 2013

>>CSS fixes to mobile lightbox

Version 3.3 – 5th November 2013

>>Adding settings options for FB share and JiG overlay
>>Improved CSS in certain areas
>>Improved stability when FB is not defined

Version 3.2 – 3rd November 2013

>> Update for verified plugin 
>> Minor bug fixes and improvements

v3.1 – 3rd November 2013

- Epic Automatic Update Core built into the plugin
- License code verification
- Bug fixes and improvements
- Stable base for future versions
- Future versions handled through Epic Automatic Updates

v3.0 – 20th October 2013

>> Image Tagging of the Lightbox photos *NEW*
>> Face Detection of faces in images *NEW*
>> Image scanner now scans custom posts *NEW*
>> Welcome page with support resources *NEW*
>> Google Analytics image views tracked *NEW*
>> Social Analytics basic functionality added *NEW*
>> SocialSMART basic functionality added *NEW*
>> Facebook SHARE button added *NEW*
>> NextGen 2.0+ Compatibile *FIX*
>> Justified Image Grid Load More compatibility *FIX*
>> Tumblr share button fixed when using Social Gallery Pages *FIX*
>> Image scanner improved to be more stable and pick up all NextGen images *FIX*

v2.3 – 9th August 2013

»  Improved theme compatibility 'out of the box'
»  Stronger image scanner which runs more reliably 

v2.2 – 28th March 2013 [Stable Release] – Performance fixes, Justified Image Grid Bug Fix and many more tweaks + additions

»  Changed references of "get_bloginfo('wpurl')" to "site_url()" 
»  Fixed a javascript bug in v2.1 with Justified Image Grid (JIG) titles
»  Fixed a v2.0 bug which didn't show/hide "specific css selector" option
»  ... on changing drop down selection
»  Fixed a bug with Justified Image Grid (JIG) setup not working with
»  ... Justified Image Grid until whole page has loaded inc scripts.
»  Fixed the performance issue which was causing slow-downs for large scale sites
»  Removed "You have recently updated your settings, please crawl.." 
»  ... prompt as it seems to not be helpful any longer
»  Added functionality: Delete images from Social Gallery Library via "Image Library" 
»  Added functionality: "Admin Tools" tab on settings
»  Added functionality: "Clear Image Library" - Advanced Admin Management function
»  Added functionality: "Clear Scan History" - Advanced Admin Management function
»  Added functionality: "Prompt to Download Images" - If enabled web site visitors
»  ... clicking "Download" on image - automatically get a prompt to "save file as..." 
»  Added functionality: On/Off switch for "Prompt to Download" setting
»  Improved "Prompt to Download" - uses permalinks for each image download
»  ... to stop scrapers + prettify

v2.1 – 15th March 2013 – Many stability improvements & Fixes, Mobile detecting, On/Off for Social Gallery Per-Post & Per-Page, Escaped HTML now allowed for title & Descriptions, Settings Backup and much more!, also pre-cursor update to Social Gallery Mobile & Stat’s Add-ons and Justified Image Grid Improvement

»  Fixed bug in social crawler
»  Fixed a bug with Social Gallery Pages "title" attribute
»  Fixed a bug with facebook app Id's incFBAppID
»  Fixed bug in mobile detector
»  Fixed sharedeck "undefined" issue
»  Fixed "http" -> "https" bug for twitter script include [Thank You David Wilks]
»  Fixed bug where tweet links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
»  Fixed bug where g+ links to page (now links to Social Gallery Page or Fallback)
»  Fixed Bug in single-social-gallery-image template
»  Fixed options in single-social-gallery-image template
»  Fixed options in SocialGallery.Library.php
»  Fixed bug in title attribution - all titles should display correctly now
»  Fixed "X" close character overlap with scroll bar
»  Fixed broken link (aka "You do not have sufficient access this page" bug)
»  Removed swipe functionality from js
»  Removed SocialGalleryMobile.js
»  Removed some old legacy options from header
»  Removed "swipe" experimental functionality
»  Improved admin notice styling
»  Added Social Stats bridge functionality
»  Applied Fix for IE10 for navigation backgrounds [Thanks Jan Helleman] 
»  ...
»  Added setting: delay for social media stat updates
»  Added addon finding functionality
»  Added "Addons" to settings screen
»  Added field retrieval for social stats
»  Added viewing of individual images via admin area (for comment moderation)
»  Added facebook comment validation
»  Added Social Gallery Page awareness to viewer + Social Gallery Page template
»  Added MobileDetect engine
»  Added On/Off for mobile switch/option
»  Added "Devices" page to settings
»  Added On/Off breakdown for mobile AND tablets
»  Added Tablet option for mobile switch
»  Added settings for Mobile addon
»  Added Overrides for Mobile addon
»  Added awareness of Mobile addon
»  Added option "Custom CSS" for overriding SG default CSS
»  Added "Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page" meta boxes to posts/pages
»  Added esc_attr ready titles - you can now include encoded html in your titles [Thanks Firsh]
»  Added capacity to specify HTML Descriptions PER IMAGE via HTML5 data attributes
»  Added esc_attr HTML ready descriptions:
»  ...You can now include encoded html in your description overrides to be output
»  ...HTML per images :D [Thanks Firsh]
»  Added On/Off for "Disable Social Gallery Per Post/Page" feature to Settings
»  Added capacity to properly save "custom-social-gallery-image.php" templates
»  Wrote a proper options model/class
»  Wrote a "backup" routine for settings
»  Wrote migration to new options model
»  Settings Model complete with new upgrade path
»  Made settings page remember your tab when you save settings (persistent tabs)
»  Formally removed option "Include Swipe" [experimental feature]
»  Improved Add-on install validation + styling
»  Moved "Tweet Via" to settings page - allowing you to set your own Tweet Via @
»  Moved Facebook App ID to be included next to "Include FB Source" in settings
»  Tweaked Facebook App ID label
»  Updated pinterest share code in-line with there latest code
»  Despite pinterests' lack of compatability I have written a custom workaround 
»  Implemented "Custom CSS" via front-end
»  Implemented Total disabling of Social Gallery per post/page, including includes
»  Moved Mobile Add-on settings to "Add-ons" tab in settings
»  Improved Justified Image Grid Mode
»  Use's new Selector from Firsh - .jigsSgConnect a.jig-loaded [Thanks Firsh]
»  Fixed bug in Option Backup
»  Fixed Chrome bug causing an undesirable scrollbar
»  Fixed a fault which occured when people incorrectly set Disqus options
»  Fixed Removed plugin background causing leak effects
»  Fixed Object To Array beta bug
»  Fixed mis-margin setting by some themes overriding css 
»  Fixed errors with renamed install zips
»  Fixed 4 bugs related to image proportion, gallery margin and scaling
»  Improvement: Better css resetting for image vertical-alignment
»  Improvement: Re-engineered Image resizing using viewport methodology
»  Improvement: Added facebook style shadow
»  Improvement: All variables, functions and naming brought inline & cleaned
»  Improvement: Seperate inclusion for all CSS3 effects for faster, effecient loading
»  Improvement: Settings backed up on upgrade
»  Improvement: Added capacity to enable/disable Social Gallery Pages function
»  Improvement: Refined "Social Gallery Pages" 
»  Improvement: Fallback functionality to keep it simpler for users
»  Improvement: Re-wrote install wizard to simplify initial settings
»  Improvement: Made it easier to share Social Gallery and Earn a commision
»  Improvement: Catching of incorrectly loaded urls
»  Improvement: Redeveloped Social Gallery Plugin Homepage
»  Improvement: Library, Social Statistics & Update Engine Pages
»  Improvement: Updated documentation
»  Improvement: Tested & Tweaked for IE10
»  Improvement: Built specific social gallery encoder to ultimately minify code
»  Improvement: Faster loading.
»  Added Social Gallery Pages functionality
»  Added Social Gallery Pages customisation
»  Added ability to use Google Adsense in place of comments
»  Added CSS3 Animation's for opening & closing Social Gallery [v2 easter egg]
»  Added Tumblr Sharing
»  Added Linked In Sharing
»  Added Google+ Sharing
»  Added FullScreen Mode
»  Added Full Image Library
»  Added PHP5 & viability checks
»  Added Image Library Acquisition (Two Levels of Scanner)
»  Added Image Library Social Statistics (Future module)
»  Added Social Statistics Acqusition
»  Added Install Wizard
»  Added Unique Url Formulation (
»  Added OG + Meta for Each Image.
»  Added Pretty Urls for Unique Social Gallery Pages
»  Added "As seen on" to unique Social Gallery Pages
»  Added FullScreen Mode icon
»  Added AJAX admin management
»  Added Progress bar and auto-resume to acquisition
»  Added Proper auto-resume
»  Added Image Viewing to Image Library
»  Added Compatible Themes & Plugins feed to homepage
»  Added Social Gallery News to homepage
»  Added functionality: Image Gallery Margin Setting
»  Added functionality: Image Gallery Enlarging via Setting
»  Added Proper full screen adjustments
»  Added "Forced fullscreen" mode
»  Added CSS Deselectors
»  Added Theme Engine pre-cursors
»  Added Theme Engine
»  Added 4 Starter-Themes
»  Added library storage of image dimensions
»  Added fullscreen mode so as it can deal with images of all sizes 
»  Added fullscreen to work persistently and on the fly
»  Added functionality which allows local + remote images of all sizes
»  Added .noLightBox and .noSocialGallery defaults

v1.4 – 10th September 2012 – Integration with Justified Image Grid, Added Disqus Comments, Improved loading and many more tweaks

»  Added Integration with Justified Image Grid
»  Added Swipe Gestures [experimental] for mobile
»  Added Download Image Link Functionality
»  Added Automatic Update Checking
»  Added "Share your options with developer" functionality
»  Added Stronger CSS rules to Social Gallery 
»  CSS Resets SG to appear the same throughout your differing themes
»  Added Automatic NextGen Compatability Features
»  Added NextGen Gallery Overview Mode
»  Added NextGen Widget Only Mode
»  Added NextGen Thumbnails Mode
»  Added NextGen Compatability Mode
»  Added Gallery Compatability Mode
»  Added Compatability Mode
»  Added Page Images Mode
»  Updated Post Images Mode
»  Updated Help Documentation
»  Fixed a bug with Disqus script inclusion

v1.3 – 28th August 2012

»  Several minor fixes

v1.2 – 26th July 2012

»  Added Disqus Commenting
»  Added Option to toggle faces on Facebook Like/Send button
»  Added Loading image
»  Added Social links to config header
»  Added capacity to override Facebook App ID
»  Added showcase links
»  Added upgrade routine (1.0->1.2)
»  Fixed Pinterest bug
»  Fixed alignment of images Bug
»  Improved Documentation
»  Numerous tiny tweaks and refactoring

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