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Stay Home, Stay Safe Notice Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin lets you easily display a notice on your website with an extremely important message during the Coronavirus crisis: “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Save Lives”.

During this global crisis we all need to come together and help, so many people are still not staying at home in countries when they should be, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a website owner you can do your bit to help by displaying a key message!

The notice will only appear on Mobile devices, if you wish to see it on your website after enabling the plugin, resize your window on desktop to less than 600px. The idea is that on a desktop or tablet device the user is most likely at home where as on their Mobile device they are more likely outside of home and should be reminded.

You can have this message display as a notice at the bottom of your website on every page (similar to a cookie notice). You can also have this appear at the top or bottom of every page or page. As a widget or using the Shortcode [stayhome]. You can configure most these settings in the plugins settings where you would like the notice to appear.

This plugin is 100% free, it is not designed to make money, it is purely designed to help you easily display a notice on your WordPress website to remind users to stay home.

It doesn’t have ads but it does have an option to display a link to install this plugin on the one of my websites. This link is a nofollow link, its not to help us gain SEO benefits it is simply so we can provide information to the user about the plugin. Displaying this link is optional.


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