SVG Favicon Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

SVG Favicon Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Safely add an SVG favicon to your site! Don’t limit your site favicon to the .ico/png/jpg formats! Upload cool vector art from your favorite vector app in seconds! Support is common for SVG favicons in modern browsers. Favicon meta generated by the customizer will not be over-written, giving older browsers a fallback in the event they lack support SVG favicons.


Before uploading your SVG favicon, make sure the aspect ratio is 1:1. For Safari, create a copy of your SVG and do the following:

  • Drop if to a single color (preferably black)
  • Merge art onto a single layer
  • Place it on a transparent background
  • viewBox attribute must be set to “0 0 16 16”

Uploading: Under the SVG Favicon tab, click the “Upload SVG Favicon” field and upload your SVG favicon

Manifest: After uploading your SVG favicon, you can fill out the corresponding manifest. This step is optional. If you already have your site manifest, leave “Use this site manifest” unchecked.

Safari: The upload process for a pinned tab icon is the same as above. Please note that pinned tab icons should be 100% black with a transparent background. The mask icon color will determine the color of the pinned tab icon.= Credits =
– Artwork by Online Web Fontslicense
SVG Sanitizerlicense


  1. Upload SVG Favicon

    Upload SVG Favicon

  2. Upload Pinned Tab Icon for Safari

    Upload Pinned Tab Icon for Safari

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