Thank You Counter Button Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Thank You Counter Button Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This is the visitor’s ‘Thank you’ or ‘I like it’ clicks counter button. Every time a new visitor clicks the “Thank you” button, one point is added to the total “thanks” counter for this post which can be seen at the same button.

The plugin stores its counters in two own MySQL tables. Only one “thank” for this IP-address can be permitted. Plugin can skip all further “Thank you” clicks from this IP-address once it is automatically registered. IP-address click limit can be set to a time interval in seconds.

Plugin has Statistics data table which shows posts list with total thanks quant for every post and time of the latest thank. Rows in the table can be filtered by posting month, category, can be sorted by thanks quant or time of latest thank in the descending or ascending order. Selected post can be viewed or edit directly from this table.

Admin dashboard and sidebar widgets with list of latest thanked or the largests thanked posts (between 3 and 15) are available. Total quant of thanks can be shown. Use widgets control panels to change settings according to your preferences.

The set of shortcodes and content filters is available for this plugin. Visit for more details.


  1. thanks-you-counter-button screenshot 1

    screenshot-1.png The example of “Thank You” button in blue color

  2. thanks-you-counter-button screenshot 2

    screenshot-2.png The “Thank You” Counter Button Settings Page part 1.

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