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Tweet2Post Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Tweet2Post is a WordPress plugin that allows you to import tweets as posts.

A list of hashtags allows control over which tweets are imported.

You can link hashtags to post categories and define a default category for post without a category hashtag.

You have the option to define a Custom Post Type (and custom categories) for imported tweets.

All posts will use a sanitized version of the tweeted text as the Search Engine Friendly URL (slug).

The automatic import can be scheduled to run every 1/5/15/30 minutes, as well as hourly and daily. You can also run a manual import from the plugin settings page.

Why use Tweet2Post

  • A simple way to archive, categorize, and display imported tweets as post on your website.
  • Easily update your website with content relevant to your site visitors and their interests.
  • Your tweets flow naturally with the rest of your website content.
  • Search engines love sites that are updated regularly – depending on the import frequency, this could have a positive effect on your site’s Search Engine ranking.


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    Settings screen

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