TweetBoost Free Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

TweetBoost Free Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Simple and Easy To Use

TweetBoost Free helps WordPress content creators quickly and easily schedule a Twitter tweets from within the post edit screen. TweetBoost Free is a light weight version of our amazingly powerful TweetBoost PRO plugin.

Shipped with Surprisingly Powerful Dashboard Widgets

TweetBoost Free provides a couple of powerful Dashboard Widgets to help manage scheduling.

The Calendar Widget

Our Calendar Widget easily and beautifully visualizes your Twitter publishing schedule over the course of many months, years.

The Action Log

Our Action Log widget shows all events that pass through the TweetBoost Free system. Some case-example events are:

  • Successfully Published Tweets
  • Unsuccessful Tweet Publishing Attempts
  • Bad API Connections


  • Quickly schedule Tweets to Twitter without ever leaving the post edit screen.
  • At any point in time, change the content of a Tweet to schedule a brand new Tweet for the same content.
  • Visualize scheduled Tweets within our special Dashboard calendar widget.
  • View all action events, such as successful tweets, or even unsuccessful tweets, within our special Action Log Widget.
  • Scheduled Tweets CAN include images uploaded from the post media gallery.

About the Plugin

This is a free plugin designed to help people perform very simple scheduling procedures between WordPress and Twitter. It’s meant to help people with lightweight social marketing needs and also demonstrate the potential of it’s premium counterpart, TweetBoost PRO.

Developers & Designers

TweetBoost FREE is a collaborative project between two experts, Matthew Bissett & Hudson Atwell. Combined they have over 16 years in the WordPress sector.


  1. The Administration Area

    The Administration Area

  2. Calendar DashBoard Widget

    Calendar DashBoard Widget

  3. Creating Tweets

    Creating Tweets

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