Urvanov Syntax Highlighter Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

Urvanov Syntax Highlighter Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

A Syntax Highlighter built in PHP and jQuery that supports customizable languages and themes.
It can highlight from a URL, or WordPress post text. Crayon makes it easy to manage Language files and define
custom language elements with regular expressions.
It also supports some neat features like:

  • Integrated Theme Editor!
  • Tag Editor in both Visual & HTML editors
  • Toggled plain code
  • Toggled line numbers
  • Copy/paste code
  • Open code in a new window (popup)
  • Line wrapping
  • Code expanding
  • Minimizing
  • bbPress 2 support
  • Converting legacy code in blog posts/comments to <pre>
  • Remote request caching
  • Mixed Language Highlighting in a single Crayon
  • Mini Tags like [php][/php]
  • Inline Tags floating in sentences
  • Crayons in comments
  • `Backquotes` become <code>
  • <pre> tag support, option to use setting-value in the class attribute
  • Valid HTML 5 markup
  • Visual & HTML editor compatible
  • Mobile/touchscreen device detection
  • Mouse event interaction (showing plain code on double click, toolbar on mouseover)
  • Tab sizes
  • Code title
  • Toggled toolbar
  • Retina buttons
  • Striped lines
  • Line marking (for important lines)
  • Line ranges (showing only parts of the code)
  • Starting line number (default is 1)
  • File extension detection
  • Live Preview in settings
  • Dimensions, margins, alignment, font-size, line-height, float
  • Extensive error logging



There are many ways you can help!

  • Make a Theme and share
  • Add support for your favourite Language
  • Write a post about your pastel experiences and share
  • Donate to the project

Supported Languages

Languages are defined in language files using Regular Expressions to capture elements.
See the Crayon Language File Specification to learn how to make your own.

International Languages


These are helpful for discovering new features.

The Press

A handful of articles from others written about Crayon, thanks guys!


Thanks to all those who donate to the project:

  • Kay Bothfeld, (https://www.scio.de), Germany
  • Sevim Tunc, UK
  • Andreas Hauck, Germany
  • Felipe Tonello, UK
  • Zeyi Wang, USA
  • Michal Owsiak, (http://owsiak.org), Poland
  • Andres Castano, (http://acastano.com), USA
  • Alok Choudhary, (http://alokchoudhary.com), USA
  • Joe Sabate, Spain
  • Kai Chen, Canada
  • Chen Kaiyuan, China
  • Kamarul Musa, Malaysia
  • WallyWare, Inc., (https://pi-plates.com), USA
  • Stéphane Rochat, (http://stephanerochat.ch), Switzerland
  • Brennan Hale-Matthews, Canada
  • Robert Giczewski, (http://www.lazydaemon.de/), Germany
  • Hoke Media, (http://hoke.media/), USA
  • Matthew Hood, Australia
  • Brian Williams, USA
  • Christian Martens, (http://insgesamt.net/), Germany
  • Nilesh Govindrajan, (http://nileshgr.com/), India
  • ZengChun Yang, China
  • Alan Kaplan, (http://www.akaplan.com/blog), USA
  • Christopher Yarbrough, (http://chrisyarbrough.com/), Germany
  • Johann Weiher, (http://codequartett.de/), Germany
  • Samuel Deering, Australia
  • Billiard Greg, (http://billiardgreg.com/), USA
  • Performance Simulations, (http://www.performancesimulations.com/), USA
  • Lindsay Ross, (http://gravelrash.com), New Zealand
  • Ruperto Coronado Muñoz, Mexico
  • Stefan Onderka, (http://www.onderka.com), Germany
  • Peter Kellner, (http://peterkellner.net), USA
  • Open Hardware Design Group LLC, (http://opensourcehardwaregroup.com/), USA
  • Helen McManus, (http://invisiblepixels.org/InvisibleWords/), Netherlands
  • Thomas Fee, UK
  • Julie Knowles, (http://knowlesfamily.com/), USA
  • Peter Kriegel, (http://www.powershell-group.eu/), Germany
  • Geo My WP, (http://geomywp.com), USA
  • Raffael Vogler, Germany
  • Erdal Cicek, Turkey
  • Cloud-VPS, Poland
  • Łukasz Bereza, Poland
  • Laurence Scotford, UK
  • Goretity Árpád László, (http://h2co3.org/blog), Hungary
  • AdsProvider, USA
  • Alicia Ramirez, (http://aliciaramirez.com/), Canada
  • William Eisert, USA
  • Inappix Development, (http://www.inappix.com/), Switzerland
  • Stephen Sant, (http://thesantfamily.net/), UK
  • David Rodriguez, (http://davidarodriguez.com/), USA
  • Chris Moore, (http://moorecreativeideas.com/), USA
  • Sohail Ahmed, (http://sohail.io.com/), USA
  • Vanessa Garcia Espin, Spain
  • Samad Malik, (http://samadmalik.com/), USA
  • Wabbit Wanch Design, (http://www.wabbitwanch.com/), Canada
  • Inopox Ltd, (http://inopox.com/), Cyprus
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  • Konstantin Sabel, Germany
  • Luigi Massa, (http://bwlab.it/), Italy
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  • Johannes Luijten, (http://www.tweaking4all.com/, http://www.weethet.nl/), USA
  • Jack Fruh, (http://basementjack.com/), USA
  • Ross Barbieri, USA
  • Will, Simple Phishing Toolkit (http://www.sptoolkit.com/), USA
  • Tricia Aanderud, USA
  • Tarek Sakr, (http://centrivision.com/), USA
  • Jeff Benshetler, (http://branchpoint.net/), USA
  • Oldrich Strachota, (http://www.strachota.net/), Czech Republic
  • Dividend Ninja, (http://dividendninja.com/), Canada
  • Chris Wiegman, (http://bit51.com/), USA
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  • eSnipe, Inc. (http://esnipe.com/), USA (again!)
  • Aliseya Wright, (http://blog.xoxothemes.com/), USA
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