VikWidgetsLoader Widget Loader Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

VikWidgetsLoader Widget Loader Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description


Add 9 new fancy widgets to your website! Install this plugin to load a variety of widgets ready to be used with your theme.

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Here are the included Widgets

  • Category Post – Display your latest posts filtered by category
  • Content Slider – Displays a Bootstrap image slider
  • Cookies Policy – Displays a message regarding the cookie policies
  • Google Maps – Displays a Google Map with custom markers
  • Grid Content – Displays a grid of posts
  • Icons – Displays a grid of icons
  • Speakers – Displays a list of people with names and surnames
  • Text Slide – Displays several texts sliding over a still background image
  • Trip Advisor Review – Displays one of several Trip Advisor widgets

WordPress’s Powerful Widget System

VikWidgetsLoader does not rely on external framworks, as we believe in the power of the lightweight and resourceful WordPress Widget manager.
Every widget is loaded as any default WordPress Widget is, so you don’t need to load external libraries or anything.

Extendable System

VikWidgetsLoader has a simple to use and extendable, which will allow us (and you too!) to develop additional widgets for it with ease!
The installation also comes provided with a simple widgets guide, which you can follow to add any custom widget you wish to develop.


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