WC External Variations Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WC External Variations Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Adds basic support for external products to WooCommerce
variations/variable products. This plugin allows you to define an external
URL on any variation and will then open that link in a new window when the user
clicks on the Add To Cart button. Because the Javascript is used for this,
any adding to cart that is done via the backend such as with APIs will not
redirect properly.

Shortcode support

The external URL field supports shortcodes which you can use to define standard
links across the entire installation.

External SKU field

A second field called “External SKU” is provided for each variation. You can
set this field and then use the placeholder %externalsku% within both
the external URL field and the variation description. The combination of this
substitution and the shortcode support would allow you to set a standard
set of URLs across the entire site, and then only change the external SKU within
each item.

More Details

Please note that this plugin has only been tested in a vanilla WordPress / WooCommerce
installation without any other plugins. If you have other plugins that modify
the functionality of the Add to Cart button, this plugin may not work or
cause unintended consequences.

Development of this plugin is done at Github

You can find this plugin at WordPress.org


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