WebWealth.me WP Help Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WebWealth Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

=Insert Header and Footer Code=

=We currently offer the following services:=

=FREE CONSULTATION -> Get FREE WordPress related advice and recommendations from us!=

=STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS -> Get a detailed step by step instruction manual or video for your WP needs!=

=NEW WP SITE -> Get A Professional WordPress Site that converts users into leads/buyers!
What we offer?=
* Mobile Responsive Themes
* Forms (Contact, Quote, Schedule, Request, Order…)
* Animated Slider / Slideshow
* Ecommerce
* Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, G+)
* Youtube/Vimeo Video Embedding
* Google Analytics/Adsense/Maps Integration (details must be provided)
* Site Email Addresses
* Basic training on how to use your website
* Site will be delivered in zip format as well
* Anything else you need…

* Own created logo, stock images and dummy text will be used if you don’t have them yet.
* No gambling, adult or illegal sites.

=SPEED OPTIMIZATION -> Improve Speed and Performance for better user experience and increased Google rankings!=
* Faster Loading Time
* Image Optimization
* Enabling gZip Compression
* Caching Pages To Serve Static Content
* Optimizing Homepage
* Optimizing WP Database
* Efficient Browser Caching
* Minification
* Before & After Report

=ERROR FIXES -> Fix Fast Any WordPress Error, Issue Or Problem!=
Fix Specific Errors:
* Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by
* WordPress White Screen of Death / Fatal error
* Internal Server Error
* HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden
* You are not authorized to view this page (403 error)

Fix Design/Theme Errors:
* Header/footer issues
* Navigation problems
* HTML/CSS Layout Issues
* Responsive Issues / Mobile Issues
* Font/layout color(s)
* Broken images placeholders

Fix General Errors:
* WordPress Errors
* Any Coding Bugs (PHP, JS)
* Any Plugin Issues

=SECURITY -> Remove any WordPress Malware, Hack, Virus or Malicious Code & Harden Security!=
What we offer?
* WordPress Malware Cleanup
* Backdoor, phishing scripts, SEO spam removal
* Iframe hacks, JavaScript hacks, base64 hacks…
* Upgrade Existing Plugins & WP Core
* Install & Config WP Security Plugins
* Protect your site from hackers
* Make site Google friendly
* Regain Google ranking

=TRANSFER -> Move WordPress Site To New Host Or Domain!=
What we offer?
* Move from subdomain to root
* Move from root to subdomain
* Move from one domain to another
* Move from one host to another

* No missing files or content
* No Size Restrictions
* Minimum information required

=OTHER – DO IT FOR ME -> Anything you need to get done just let us know!=
Choose the one that fits best:
* Current Site Edits
* New Functionality
* PSD to WP Theme
* Install SSL (HTTP to HTTPS)
* Fix WordPress Errors
* Fix WordPress Theme Issues
* Fix Any Coding Bugs
* Fix Any Plugin Issue
* Create or Edit Website
* Remove Hack & Harden Security
* Convert Websites to WordPress
* Move WP to Other Host
* Make your Site Faster
* Update WordPress, Theme & Plugins
* Backup Your Site
* Any other Custom Work

=ONGOING MAINTENANCE -> Keep your site running smoothly and up to date!=
* WP Core Updates
* Plugins and Theme Updates
* Site Backups
* Security Check
* Speed Check
* Integrity Check
* Small WP Requests


When you submit a form to us, personal data (eg. names & emails collected using this plugin) will be send to my Company, Web Wealth, a 3rd party service provider.
Our privacy policy is available here: https://webwealth.me/cookies-privacy-policy/


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