WI1 WP Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WI1 WP Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

Using WI1’s dashboard you can easily see all your installed WordPress Themes and Plugins for all your websites in one easy to use place. WI1 will highlight any Themes and Plugins currently not active and list each websites WordPress version so you can see which need updating.

This plugin will connect your WordPress website to the WI1 dashboard.

WordPress release new versions of their platform quite regularly, among some of the reasons they do this is to provide new functions to their platform. To make sure you get these new functions you will need to update your websites WordPress version.

Another more serious reason WordPress might release a new version is to fix security risks. Many security patches are urgent and should be installed as soon as possible.

Using the WI1 (https://wi1.com) dashboard you will be informed of any new versions and highlight any that are urgent. With an easy to use dashboard you will be able to install the latest version in no time.

Developers of Themes and Plugins often need to send out new versions of their software, for the same reasons as WordPress, to provide new functions, fix bugs and to make the plugins more secure.
The WI1 WordPress Monitor Plugin pass on all the information needed to WI1 so you can monitor all the Themes, Plugins and WordPress versions.

WI1 will also let you know if any of your Themes and Plugins installed are not active and therefore could be slowing your website down or providing an opportunity for security treats.


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