WooCommerce IZettle Integration Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WooCommerce IZettle Integration Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

First, consider this to be a beta version, we still need user feedback in order to finalize it. If you find bugs, have ideas or anything…please mail us att tobbe@bjorntech.se

This plugin is syncing WooCommerce products to iZettle as well as syncing purchases from iZettle to WooCommerce.

The main architectural idea behind the plugin is that WooCommerce holds the truth about products and stocklevels.

We have been using the plugin in our own stores during 2018 and we do now release it as open-source, more documentation will come within the next couple of days

Sync your products to iZettle, including your product main image. The sync can be done manually or once a day to keep your iZettle product database up to date.

Purchases are synced manually or automatically in real-time when done in iZettle.

Choose between just syncing for information purposes (you can view details of your iZettle purchases in WooCommerce), just syncing stock-value or let WooCommerce create orders when you sell something in iZettle.

All settings will be found at WooCommerce->Settings->iZettle

You first have to authorize the plugin with iZettle, this can be done at the iZettle connection page.

We do recomend that you start in this order and start to learn how the olugin works:

Syncronize products and then set the syncronization of products to your preference.
In this version the sync products function will not remove any products already in iZettle or products that are removed in WooCommerce,
you have to do this manually. Because of this setup you never have to worry about your existing products being affected.
We will implement a delete function, but want to listen to our users on how it should work before implementing

Syncronizing purchases will when switched on not effect anything in WooCommerce, you can view your iZettle purchases at the menu iZettle.
If you click on a purchase it will currently not show any details, this will come soon.
You can do a manual sync on prodcts with a blank sync time, choose the method that you want to sync and press process.

Stock-levels can be synced to iZettle on the products that have been synced via the plugin, if you change stock-level (exept of via a purchase), it will be overwritten from WooCommerce.


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