WooCommerce Order Search Admin Powered By Algolia Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WooCommerce Order Search Admin Powered By Algolia Preview Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

This plugin will power the WooCommerce orders search input with an autocompleted search field providing results as you type in milliseconds regardless of how much orders you have in your database.

When you start having lots of orders in WooCommerce, searching for a specific order can become very slow and time consuming.

Fun fact is also that the more you have orders, the more you will actually need to search for a specific one.

We have seen users wait for over a minute for WooCommerce to return the search results in the admin.
And even after that long waiting time, given that the default search mechanism uses SQL queries, the relevancy isn’t optimal and you might have to adjust your query and wait again.

By installing this plugin, you will be able to index all your orders into Algolia and be able to find orders at the speed of thought, right from your usual orders list in the admin screen of your WordPress website.

You can find orders by typing just a few characters.
The search engine will search on the following fields:

  • Order Number (Has been tested with plugins like WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers )
  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Customer email address
  • Product SKU contained in the order
  • Status of the order

As you start typing in the search input, you will see instant results popping up inside of a dropdown menu and you will
be able to find the relevant order in milliseconds.

Also note that by leveraging Algolia as a search engine, in addition to super fast results as you type, you will
also benefit from all the other features like typo tolerance that will make sure that if you misspell the customer name, you will still get the relevant orders displayed as part of the results.

Automatic synchronization

After you properly provided the plugin with your Algolia credentials, the plugin will take care of making sure
the search index stays up to date with your WooCommerce orders.

Every time an order is added, updated, trashed or deleted, it will synchronize with Algolia.

Note however, that when you first initialize the plugin, you need to index your existing orders.

WP-CLI command

The plugin also offers a WP-CLI command to allow you to re-index your orders directly from the

Here is how to use it:

wp orders reindex

Please note that at no point your are forced to use the command line tool, and that the admin settings screen
of the plugin also allows you to re-index all your orders.

This is a nice technical alternative though if you have over 50 thousands of records and you want to speed up the indexing.

Note that there is no limit to how many orders this plugin can handle, and indexing will work with both indexing methods;
powered by the UI or by using the WP-CLI command line tool.

The only limitation of the admin UI re-indexing is that you have to leave the page open during the re-indexing

About Algolia

This plugin relies on the Algolia service which requires you to create an account.
Algolia offers its Search as a Service provider on a incremental payment program, including a free plan which includes 10,000 records & 100,000 operations per month.
Beyond that, make sure you checkout the pricing.

This plugin will create exactly one record per order to index. We index every order that is not flagged as trashed.


  1. The slick autocomplete search results dropdown.

    The slick autocomplete search results dropdown.

  2. Setup instructions steps.

    Setup instructions steps.

  3. Algolia account settings.

    Algolia account settings.

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    Indexing settings.

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