WooCommerce Variation Images Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WooCommerce Variation Images Wordpress Plugin - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description

WC Variation Images is a great WooCommerce extension that allows you to add and display multiple images per product variation with necessary controls for your variable products.

WooCommerce by default offers to show only one image per variation but we all know that how much customers love images. More image of the variation helps the customer make a quick decision and also create purchase intention.

How will this benefit you:

  1. Show the complete product to your customer.
  2. Reduce customer hesitation.
  3. Help Customers to make quick decisions.
  4. Increase your store sales.

The features:

  • Add three images per variation.
  • Control product image zoom.
  • Control the slider options.
  • Image LightBox controlling options.

Installation and usages:

The installation is very straight forward like most WooCommerce plugins. You must note that you need to have WooCommerce installed.


We did not notice any issue or conflict with other plugins so you can install and use this with ease. Still, WooCommerce is a vast system and there can be issues but we will try to keep you on the safe side by solving them.


  1. Variation Images

    Variation Images

  2. Product variation

    Product variation

  3. Settings


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