WordPress File Monitor (Track Changes) - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download

WordPress File Monitor (Track Changes) - Rating, Reviews, Demo & Download
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Plugin Description


  • Monitoring file system for added / deleted / changed files.
  • Sending email with the detailed information when changes are detected.
  • Displaying monitor alerts in the administration area.
  • Monitoring files for changes based on file hash, time stamp and/or file size.
  • Excluding files and directories from scan.
  • Allows to run the file checking via an external cron so not to slow down visits to your website and to give greater flexibility over scheduling.
  • Allows to include / exclude files from scanning by extension.
  • Multisite compatible (plugin settings are located under the Settings menu of the main website).

This plugin is a fork of the WordPress File Monitor Plus plugin which has been last time updated 5 years ago. It was forked because there seems to be no further development on the existing plugin while it has critical security issues (old plugin creates a directory in uploads folder with 777 permissions allowing full write access to all users of the server; old plugin exposes the full list of website files & directories stored in a file in the uploads folder if Nginx is used as a web server). New WordPress File Monitor plugin has the following improvements:

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed mkdir 777 permissions security issue
  • Added instructions for securing data if using Nginx as a web server
  • Admin alert is displayed in a modal window
  • Fixed Multisite issues
  • Improved monitor admin interface
  • Added notes & hints to the Settings page
  • More to come, stay tuned


  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Japanese


  1. file-changes-monitor screenshot 1


  2. file-changes-monitor screenshot 2

    Admin alert

  3. file-changes-monitor screenshot 3

    Admin changed files report

  4. file-changes-monitor screenshot 4

    Email changed files report

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